If you are planning a honeymoon in Europe at cheap prices, you can put Albania in the top five on the list. Country located in Southern Europe; It neighbors countries such as Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. For this reason, it is also common for Albania to be visited for a short time as part of the Balkans tour. However, let us state from the beginning that it is not right to spend only a day or two in this beautiful country. Especially when there is the Adriatic in the west of the country and the Ionian Sea in the southwest.


Honeymoon in Albania

You are going on a honeymoon with your lover and your expectations include city walks, sea and sun. Whatever your honeymoon vacation is, you want to complete it on a low budget. Albania is one of the countries where you can do all these. There are many places to visit in this beautiful country.


For honeymoon in Albania, you should first check our list of places to visit and then our list of the best hotels. There are only a few countries you can choose for a cheap honeymoon in Europe. Albania is one of them. Be prepared for the beginning of a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.


Places to Visit in Albania

There are many places to visit in Albania. You can do activities such as sightseeing, swimming and museum visits in the country. You can find the opportunity to get to know the traditions and cultures of the Albanian people. You can taste delicious Balkan dishes. There are many reasons to vacation and honeymoon here. And at cheap prices!


Of course, the capital city Tirana takes the first place among the places to visit in Albania. If you want to explore Albania, this should be your first stop. Skender Bey Square is also home to places that shed light on many historical periods such as the history museum and Ethem Bey Mosque. Also, of course, the best restaurants serving Albania’s surprisingly delicious food are in Tirana. It is a city where you can find works of different cultures together.

Albania Beaches

Do you want both a holiday abroad and a sea holiday in the summer season? Unlike Europe’s visa procedures and popular destinations, we recommend you to try Albania Beaches. Showing its unknown side with its unique beaches, Albania also hosts famous music festivals that take place on the beaches. If your visit to Albania is in the summer season, we recommend you to visit a beach and enjoy the sea.

Durres, which is only 33 kilometers from the capital Tirana; It is one of the must-see places in Albania. This is the country’s second largest city. Located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, the city is famous for its Durres Beach. In addition, Saranda stands out with its beaches.

Being one of the most important commercial centers in the southwest of the country, Vlorë has a port and many hotels and entertainment centers within its borders. It is also called Vlore as it is located in the middle of Vlore Bay.


Shkodër, the cultural city of the country, has a special place among the places to visit in Albania. Being on the edge of the Drin River, it is also the protagonist of Lake Shkodër. We recommend you to add Shkodra, which hosts different historical spots with Rozafa Castle and Ebu Bekir Mosque, to your Albania trip.

Ksamil Islands

We can say that the Ksamil Islands, which are the apple of the eye of the Albanian Riviera and consist of small islands, are worth seeing among the places to visit in Albania. It’s not bad to spend your magical Albania holiday on a quiet island. Moreover, you will experience the sunset towards the Adriatic.


Berat, which carries the traces of Ottoman architecture in the Balkans, is one of the must-stops for a trip to Albania. Especially with its houses with Ottoman architecture, it has taken the title of “City with a Thousand Windows”. We recommend you to visit Kalaja Castle and its historical streets on your trip to Albania.

Lake Ohrid, Pogradec

We deliberately did not save Lake Ohrid, which is famous among the places to visit in Albania. Although we recommend you to see many beautiful places one by one, Lake Ohrid is also a frequent destination for those who visit Albania. Although it is known for being visited by North Macedonia, the Albanian side of Lake Ohrid and the city of Pogradec overlooking the lake are also worth visiting.

Best Hotels in Albania

When making a list of places to visit in Albania, do not forget to review the hotels. There are many luxury hotels in the country. Accommodation prices are cheaper than other European countries. Holidays and honeymoon in Albania‘s best hotels are very cheap. Hurry and make a reservation and don’t miss the opportunity!

Esmeral Hotel, Ksamil, Albania

Planning a honeymoon or vacation in Ksamil Beach? Esmerald Hotel is one of the hotels you can recommend for this. The hotel is very close to the beach. It will be a great choice for those planning a sea vacation. You can click the link to get more information about Esmerald Hotel, its prices and to make a reservation.

Address: Road Riviera, Ksamil 9706, Ksamil, Vlore county, 9706

New W Hotel, Tirana, Albania

Looking to visit Albania’s capital, Tirana, on vacation or honeymoon? We recommend New W Hotel, one of the best hotels in this city. It is a hotel that will please you with its very comfortable rooms, delicious food and location.

You can click on the link to get detailed information about New W Hotel, find out the prices, review the comments and make a reservation.

Address: Rruga 3 Vëllezërit Kondi, Tirana, Tirana County

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