Amalienborg Palace

Denmark is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Northern Europe. Curious about what to visit in Copenhagen in this beautiful country? Amalienborg Palace is one of the places you should include in the city tour.

Amalienborg Palace is one of the important historical buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, it is the official residence of the royal family. Also known as the winter palace, Amalienborg consists of four residences.

Amalienborg Palace was built to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the coronation of Christian I, the first king of the Oldenborg Dynasty. There are a total of four residences in the palace, which was built during the reign of Frederik V, and each of them is called a palace.

With the burning of Christianborg Palace, the building became the main residence of the monarch as a winter palace in 1794. The residences in it; It belongs to noble families named AG Moltke, Christian Frederik Levetzau, Joachim Brockdorf and Severin Lovenskiold. However, the king of the period bought the palace and settled here. Each palace was purchased at different times. For example, VII. Christian’s Palace belongs to the nobleman Moltke. Today, it is known as the Queen’s representative palace.

Amalienborg Palace is not open to the public and is guarded by guards. Only a few rooms of the building are open in June, July and August, but these areas can be visited. For the rest of the year, a designated room is only open on Saturdays. This is because it is still used by the royal family on all days.

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