American Express Travel has released its 2023 Trending Destinations list

In November, American Express Travel released its 2023 Trending Destinations list. The list was compiled using the number of global American Express Card Member travel bookings made between 2019 and 2022. According to American Express Travel, 70 percent of respondents plan to travel to their list of destinations in 2023.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is one of the cities most visited by American Express users. The city’s bike-friendly infrastructure allows visitors to get around more easily and explore parks such as the famous Tivoli Garden and its fascinating canals. To have more information, you should check our list of places to visit in Denmark.

Florida Keys, Florida


Florida Keys is a very valuable location in terms of marine tourism. A pleasant holiday awaits you in this beautiful city. You will reach cool waters from hot sands. It is a city where you can find many activities together.

Istanbul, Turkiye


Istanbul, a city that has hosted many civilizations, is among the most visited destinations. A point where the continents of Asia and Europe meet. The historical and modern structure of the city are intertwined. Prices for accommodation, food and shopping are quite cheap. Turkey is a very popular holiday destination. For detailed information, you should review the list of Places to visit in Turkiye.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, where modern and historical buildings come together, is among the most curious cities in Europe. You can plan a peaceful vacation or honeymoon in this beautiful city. Like many Portuguese cities, Lisbon is worth seeing.

Mexico City, Mexico


Mexico is one of the most popular countries in Latin America. It is a very important country for history and nature lovers. There are subjects that stand out, such as city tours, museums and art galleries, and sea tourism.


Montenegro can be named as the address of peace in Europe. This country is very popular in terms of both sea tourism and winter tourism. While walking the streets in Montenegro, you will be amazed by the silence and peace. Moreover, there are many activities you can do in this beautiful country.

Paris, France


Paris is undoubtedly the most popular holiday and honeymoon destination in the world. The city that everyone is most curious about. Paris means romance. For this reason, it is frequently visited by honeymooners. Curious about places to visit? Then you should check out our list of places to visit in Paris.

Sydney, Australia


Australia is a very different country. It is a place where nature and city life are intertwined. The most popular city is Sydney. It hosts many activities. Exploring the city will excite you. If you are planning a vacation or honeymoon, you should check out our list of places to visit in Sydney.

Yakuve Island, Fiji

Fascinating visitors with its exotic nature dominated by the tropical climate, Fiji is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Since the country consists of islands, it is possible to travel between these islands. Of course, it is not possible to travel to all the islands. Curious about Yakuve Island and places to visit in Fiji? Then you should read our article on the Fiji Islands.

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