American Samoa

Are you a couple who wants to explore the world? Want to see places where few go? In this article, we will give you information about vacation and honeymoon opportunities in American Samoa. Moreover, we will share the list of places to visit in this peaceful country. The country is an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean part. Its largest and most developed island is Tutuila. American Samoa, we can say that the Americans used this region and its people in expansionism together with Micronesia, Philippines, Guam, Marshall Islands to open up this region and its people to the world. It is a territory of the United States.

Honeymoon in American Samoa

Differences are beautiful. Are you a couple who enjoys different things from everyone else, loves to explore and are open to innovation? Then we are waiting for you for vacation and honeymoon in American Samoa. Few people in the world have heard of this small island country. There may even be those who, when they hear the name of the country, think it is a region of the USA. Of course they are wrong. This is an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. Over time it will become a holiday paradise.


In this article, we’ll cover the best hotels, attractions, and brief information about the country in American Samoa. Start taking notes for vacation and honeymoon.

Places to Visit in American Samoa

We will inform you about the places to visit in American Samoa, which is visited by very few people. The population of this island country is very small. The number of tourists is also very few. That’s why the people show a very friendly approach to tourists. We will share with you 5 places to visit in this island country.

National Park of American Samoa

American Samoa National Park is home to many plant and animal species. You will witness the most beautiful views of this beautiful island country while visiting this park. You will feel more peaceful than ever while visiting this untouched natural wonder. American Samoa National Park is on the island of Tutuila. This island is the country’s largest island. American Samoa National Park is the only National Park Service site south of the Equator.

Two Dollar Beach

It would be impossible not to add the beaches of Amerian Samoa, an island country, to the list of places to visit. Enjoy the sea, sand and sun in peace. Don’t forget to taste local food and drinks. Meet the ocean! Enjoy choosing an island country for a quiet and peaceful honeymoon.

Ofu Beach


The best thing about island countries is that they have wonderful and pristine beaches. Likewise, Ofu Beach meets these criteria. You can enjoy the pleasure of swimming at Ofu, which is a quiet and calm beach.

Pago Pago


Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa. You can dive in the capital of this island country and visit the sea creatures in their natural environment. It has a very rich nature.

Best Hotels in American Samoa

There are few hotels in American Samoa. This is because of the low population. But they value tourists. They are gentle and kind to them. We have listed the best hotels in American Samo for you. You can search for availability and prices. The date you want to stay, the number of people and the hotel facilities change the prices.

Tradewinds Hotel

Tradewinds Hotel is one of the best honeymoon and vacation hotels in American Samoa. You can choose this hotel for a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

Get information about Tradewinds Hotel’s accommodation fees, availability and hotel facilities. Stay at the best hotel in American Samoa.

Address: 999 Ottoville Road, 96799 Tafuna, Amerikan Samoa

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