Andorra, one of the least populated countries in the world, borders France and Spain. This small country in Europe is visited by many curious tourists. The country is quite rich in terms of per capita income. It is a tourist paradise. It is visited by more than 10 million people annually. Especially European tourists visit Andorra for vacation and honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Andorra

Looking to spend a vacation or honeymoon in Andorra? A peaceful and fun time awaits you in this country, which is one of the smallest countries in Europe. It is one of the best destinations you can choose in winter, especially if you like skiing and snowboarding.

In this article, we will tell you about the best hotels, places to visit and activities to do in Andorra for your holiday and honeymoon plan. You can start preparing your list.

Places to Visit in Andorra

Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe. The welfare level is quite high. It is a paradise that attracts attention in terms of trade and tourism. There are many activities and places to visit in this beautiful country located between Spain and France.

Andorra La Vella

The capital city of Andorra la Vella, built on the top of the Pyrenees-Orientales, is located on the banks of the Gran Valira River, which flows east of the 2317-meter-high Pic d’Enclar Mountains. It is the capital of Andorra and the most populous city of this small country. With an altitude of 1029 meters, it is one of the highest capitals in the world, and at the same time one of the smallest with a population of less than 25 thousand.

On the main street of the city, there are shops selling handcrafted souvenirs from local handicrafts, cafes and restaurants next to many galleries. Built in 1580 and now the administrative center of the government, Casa de la Vell is very impressive with its coats of arms and historical emblems of the country’s former rulers.

Plaça del Poble, the public square above the city’s administrative buildings complex, offers a wonderful view. The 12th century Church of Sant Esteve with its unique wooden decorations is definitely worth seeing.


One of the most popular winter sports destinations, Vallnord in the Pyrenees attracts skiers and snowboarders from all over Europe with its wonderful slopes. Vallnord, in the north of Andorra, consists of 3 unique ski resorts, Arcalis, Pal and Arinsal, which cover a huge area to explore.

Vallnord is very popular for family ski vacationers, with activities such as snowshoe hiking, sledding, snowmobiling, paintball and lasertag, as well as world-class ski schools. For true adventurers, there are options for speed riding, heli-skiing, and snow biking, which are a combination of sail wing and skiing. Grandvalira, located between Andorra la Vella and Les Escaldes, is another popular ski resort.

Church of Sant Joan de Caselles A little above the small town of Canillo is the Chapel of Sant Joan de Caselles. Considered one of the most beautiful Roman churches in the country, this magnificent 11th-century stone building features impeccable frescoes and St. It has an interesting decoration, such as an altarpiece from 1525, in which John and the Apocalypse are portrayed. The choir shutters with the Roman-style crucified Christ figure and the colorful painting surrounding it are other remarkable features.

Center Termolúdic Caldea

Center Termolúdic Caldea, with its magnificent glass pyramid tower dominating the capital’s skies, right in the middle of Andorra la Vella, is the largest spa complex in Europe. With its pool and treatment areas established on an area of ​​6000 square meters, it offers its guests options such as indoor and outdoor lagoons, numerous saunas and jacuzzis, spa areas such as Turkish and Roman Baths, hot marble, navel stone and even grapefruit pool. When you leave, you can decide that a visit to this wonderfully designed spa complex is an experience you will never forget. Do not forget to add it to your list of places to visit in Andorra.


Located at the foot of the 2740m Mount Casamanya, this small town of Ordino is the most beautiful destination to visit in Andorra’s stunning countryside, the Valira del Nord Valley. In addition to its quiet streets, quaint shops, and old church, the town is famous for its provocative reforms in 1633 and later in the mid-19th century, giving the heads of the family the right to vote in 1866.

Rebuilt by Baron de Senaller, Casa Plairal d’Areny also hosts Plandolit. This wonderful old house has just opened to visitors, with its magnificent wrought-iron balcony built in 1843 and a reproduction of the original Seven Key Cabinet. On the ground floor there are warehouses and a blacksmith’s workshop, while on the upper floor there is an old armory, a large organ organ, and the dining room where the dinner services of Baron Limoges and Baron Sèvres are displayed.

Baron Sèvres’ dinner services were gifted by the Austrian Emperor. Other interesting rooms in the house are the library with the heraldry of relatives and relatives, the music room with a copy of the original version of the Andorra National Anthem, the family chapel and the bakery section.

Les Escaldes

A few minutes’ drive from Andorra la Vella, the Town of Les Escaldes takes its name from the many hot springs scattered throughout the region. The town has been famous for its medicinal properties since Roman times, with its high sulfur and nitrogen-containing waters ranging from 22 °C to 66 °C.

The Viladomat Museum with the works of Catalan sculptor Josep Viladomat, the Capilla Sant Roma Fortress and the historic Pont dels Escalls Bridge with a breathtaking view of the old town are other places you can visit with pleasure.

Valira d’Orient Valley Tour

One of the most enjoyable possibilities of your visit to Andorra will be to explore the stunning scenery of this small mountainous country from the comfort of a car. One of the most enjoyable routes, Valira d’Orient Valley Tour, starts from Les Escaldes in the north of the capital city Andorra la Vella.

It continues through narrow, winding roads that lead to the 12th-century Roman-style Sant Miquel Engolasters, an example of many typical Pyrenean churches in the country. From here you can walk to Lake Engolasters. Engolasters, an artificial reservoir, is famous for its fishing and recreation area.

La Cortinada and the Church of Sant Marti

La Cortinada Town is one of the most attractive small settlements in Andorra. Surrounded by fields and steep mountains, this town is home to the Church of Sant Martí de la Cortinada, with its Roman frescoes, burial house and extremely beautiful historic dovecote.

Located at the end of the road in the Valira del Nord Valley, the town has a great location that you can use as a center to explore the surrounding countryside. In the town, which is a favorite of bird watchers, nature walkers and those who are interested in Alpine vegetation, winter activities turn into hiking with Nordic skiing, snowboarding and snow racket.

Best Hotels in Andorra

A large part of Andorra’s income comes from tourism. It is visited by more than 10 million tourists annually. For this reason, the Andorran administration attaches great importance to tourism and tourism facilities. For those visiting Andorra for honeymoon and vacation, we will provide information about the best hotels here. You can click the Reservation button to review the conditions of the hotels. Lets! Check out this list of the best hotels and resorts in Andorra.

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