Barbados Islands

Honeymooning in Caribbean countries is a great idea. Especially Barbados, one of the best honeymoon destinations, will leave you amazed. In this article, we will answer all your questions. “When to go to Barbados?” “Which are the most beautiful beaches in Barbados?” “Which are the best honeymoon hotels in Barbados?” and “Places to visit in Barbados” you will find answers to all your questions.

Honeymoon in Barbados

There are many reasons to choose the Caribbean back on your honeymoon. Sea, beach, tropical drinks and fun nightlife. Barbados is one of the best places you can choose for your honeymoon in the Caribbean. Here you will have the opportunity to spend time with your lover and yourself. Away from the noise and stress of the city. A fun, peaceful and happy honeymoon is waiting for you.

Places to visit in Barbados Islands

Barbados, one of the North American countries, is a great tourism destination for those looking for a joyful and peaceful honeymoon. This island country, which is famous for its turquoise clear waters and dazzling beaches with its beauty reminiscent of fairy tales, can be visited every season of the year with its tropical climate and air that does not fall below 25 degrees throughout the year. The country, which came to Barbados in the 1500s and started to be known as Los Barbados (Mustache) by the Portuguese, who compared the trees on the island to a man with a mustache, stands out with its natural beauties and friendly people, as well as its cultural texture and historical structures. Here are some of the must-see attractions in this wonderful island country.

1. Harrison’s Cave

st. Located in the Thomas region, Harrison’s Cave is one of the most important geological formations in the country. This cave, which attracts attention with its mysterious and striking stalactites, stalagmites and columns, has been open to visitors since 1981. Another feature that makes this cave interesting is the buses passing through it. Those who want to visit Harrison Cave can take these trams or join guided walking tours and go on an adventurous journey of discovery among the narrow water channels. The water extracted from this cave, which is also used as the country’s fresh water source, is shown among the purest and cleanest drinking water in the world.

2. Flower Forest Park

Located in the Saint Joseph village of Bloomsbury city in the central part of the island, Flower Forest Park is among the most popular tourist spots of the country with its exquisite nature and serene atmosphere. This natural park, which dazzles with its magnificent landscapes that seem to have come out of postcard frames, magnificent tropical trees and plants with colorful flowers, hides wonderful beauties for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the arms of nature. Covering an area of ​​approximately 200 thousand square kilometers, Flower Forest Park can be visited between 08.00 and 16.00 every day of the week.

3. Hillaby Mountain

Hillaby Mountain, which is among the symbolic landforms of the country, welcomes millions of tourists every year. This majestic mountain, 340 meters above sea level, is referred to as the highest mountain in the Eastern Caribbean Islands. St. Andrew’s Church at its summit, Hillaby Mountain, which makes a name for itself with its magnificent nature that creates lush green images and its breathtakingly beautiful view, are among the favorite places to visit for adventurous tourists and mountaineers.

4. Crane Beach

Crane Beach (Crane Beach), en doğudaki Barbados St. Philip bölgesinin güneydoğu ucundaki koyda bulunan pitoresk bir plajdır. Adı, burada, yük gemilerinin limana girdiği ve en yüksek kıyı kayalığında boşaltma ve yükleme için bir vincin bulunduğu İngiliz egemenliği dönemi ile ilgilidir. Şimdi bu uzun kumsal, Barbados’ta bir plaj tatili için en güzel yerlerden biri olarak biliniyor. Ayrıca sürekli olarak dünyanın en güzel on sahiline girer. 

5. Sandy Lane Bay

Sandy Lane Bay is an incredibly picturesque and popular destination in Barbados, often referred to as the Platinum Coast. The natural beauty of the beach is complemented by comfortable conditions for recreation and water sports, which attract tourists and local residents. However, not only this factor was decisive in the popularity of the beach. Sandy Lane is frequently visited by world-class celebrities, so many vacationers choose this beach to replenish their autograph and photo collections with celebrities.

5. Dover Beach

On the outskirts of the town of Oistins on the south coast of Barbados, St. Beautiful beach in Lawrence bay. Its convenient location and proximity to the city make it very popular with locals and tourists. Companies and couples come here to swim and sunbathe, hang out and have fun. Therefore, Dover Beach is definitely not suitable for families with children. From the nearest town you can walk to the beach in a few minutes by taxi or rental car.

6. Mullins Beach

Mullins Beach is located on the northwest coast of Barbados, 15 km from Bridgetown, St. Peter is a beach in a picturesque bay located in the district. Year-round calm sea, beautiful landscapes and proximity to the highway have given this beach a steady popularity among Barbados and tourists, and the availability of advanced infrastructure and beach activities for children makes it easy for the whole family to visit.

7. Gibbes Beach

Gibbes Beach is a pretty deserted beach with a length of about 500 m. On the west coast of Barbados, St. James district, within walking distance of Mullins Bay Beach. Gibbes Beach is a fine strip of golden sand surrounded by shady trees on one side and the Caribbean Sea with crystal clear, calm water on the other. Since the entrance to the sea is quite steep in places, you have to watch them carefully when you come here with children.

8. Brownes Beach

Brownes Beach is one of the largest beaches in Barbados, located 10 minutes’ walk from the center of Bridgetown. It is a wide strip of white sand washed by the turquoise waters of Carlisle Bay. The sea in the area is clean and calm, making it ideal for families with small children. The gentle surf, gentle slope and sandy bottom make it suitable for swimming.

9. Bottom Bay Beach

Bottom Bay is one of Barbados’ most picturesque secluded beaches and is a true paradise hidden among rocky beaches. On the southeastern tip of the island, in the bay of the same name, St. It is located in the Philip region between Cave Bay and Palmetto bays. Desiring to feel like today’s uncivilized Robinson, they come here for the sake of solitude amidst unspoiled island nature.

10. Accra (Rockley) Beach

Accra Beach is a long white sand beach located in the southern part of Barbados. The middle name – Rockley – received for the neighborhood with the town of the same name. You can get to Accra Beach by car or bus. There is a parking lot and a bus stop next to the beach. This is a very lively place visited by companies, couples and families with children.

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