Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

We are in Italy, one of the countries where the most important events in European and World history took place. Moreover, in the city of Rome. In this article, we will briefly inform you about Santa Maria Maggior. We will give brief information about where it is, by whom and its importance. A place you should add to your list of places to visit in Rome.

Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the largest basilicas in Rome, the capital of Italy, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is a magnificent structure built by Pope Liberius in the 4th century after the Virgin Mary appeared to him in his dream.

According to legend, the Virgin Mary, who entered the dream of the pope, tells the pope to build a new church and will mark the place where she wants the church to be built with snow the next day. For this reason, the church was built on the highest point of this hill after the snow fell on the Esquiline Hill in AD 356.

The nave and nave mosaics of the basilica, where many different architectural styles are used together, have managed to reach today without any changes from the 5th century. The magnificent ceiling of the basilica, which underwent extensive renovations during the Middle Ages, is covered with gilding, which was given to the pope by Queen Isabella of Spain.

The most striking point of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggior is the pyramid-shaped Romanesque bell tower at the top. The Piazza dell’Esquilino Obelisk, located at the entrance of the church, was erected by Pope Sixtus V to guide the pilgrims.

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