Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina, whose population is mostly of Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian origin, is one of the most touristic countries in the Balkan geography. This Balkan country welcomes a large number of foreign tourists every year. The country, which remained under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years and joined the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the First World War, declared its independence in 1992 and took on a new structure. Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has a rich cultural structure under the influence of its political past, continues to carry the impressive traces of Eastern and Western cultures today.

Honeymoon in Bosnia and Herzegovina


If you are planning a Balkans Tour for your honeymoon, you should definitely add Bosnia and Herzegovina to this list. This country, where Eastern and Western cultures meet, is visited by millions of people every year. You can discover the rich culture of the Balkans. You will encounter traces of Ottoman, Yugoslavian and European cultures. During your honeymoon in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should stay in a good hotel and prepare a list of places to visit.

Best Hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina

He made very good investments in the field of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is visited by millions of tourists every year. This contributed to the development of tourism. The development of tourism has also increased the quality of hotels. There are many good hotels in the country. We have researched the best hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina for you.

Places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo. To explore this country, you must first visit Sarayova. Then you can visit cities such as Mostar and Tuzla. There are many places to explore in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to get to know this rich culture closely, you should go to places such as bazaars, parks and museums.



You can see all the traces of the country together in the capital Sarayova. You can get information about Balkan culture and history. Take a pleasant city tour. There are many places to visit in Sarayova. There are also many activities to do. Places you must visit in this city:

  • Tunnel of Hope
  • Latin Bridge
  • Eternal Fire Monument
  • Inat Kuca
  • Kovaci Mausoleum
  • Sarajevo Cathedral
  • Vijecnica Library
  • Morića Han
  • National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • War Childhood Museum
  • Ferhadija
  • Trebevic
  • Avaz Twist Tower
  • Skakavac Waterfall
  • Sebil



The Mostar Bridge, one of the most popular works of the Balkans, is located in the city of Mostar. It is one of the most important architectural works of the Ottoman period in the region. Of course, it would be wrong to associate the city with only one bridge. Places you can visit in Mostar, where transportation is very easy:

  • Lucky Most
  • Aleksa Santic Monument
  • Neretva River
  • Hindin Khan
  • Kriva Cuprija
  • Cade de Alma
  • War Photo Exhibition
  • Lagero Restaurant
  • mostar Bridge
  • Old Bridge Museum
  • Koski Mehmet Pasha Mosque
  • Biscevic House
  • Mostar Peace Bell Tower

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