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Cape Verde, which was a Portuguese colony in the past and gained its independence in 1975, is among the countries that should be visited for those who are interested in island life. What to eat in the Cape Verde Islands? What to drink?” We provide you with a quick glance at the cuisine of this island country with the list. Cape Verde Islands, Kabo Verde, Cabo Verde, Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cape Verde, is an African country located in the central Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Senegal and Mauritania. This island country fascinates its visitors with its wonderful nature. It is one of the African countries visited by tourists who want to explore the world.

Honeymoon in Cape Verde

Planning a vacation and honeymoon in Cape Verde? Don’t know which hotel to stay and places to visit? We will inform you about the most beautiful places to visit and the best hotels. Start taking notes for your Cape Verde trip. You should be prepared for natural beauties, interesting dishes and cultural activities that will excite you.

Places to visit in Cape Verde

Are you wondering what to visit in Cape Verde? We have listed for you the best holiday destinations in this island country. In addition to the ones on this list, do not forget to share with us the places you see and find interesting to you. Start exploring this wonderful place where you can enjoy romantic views from sunrise to sunset.


Praia or Praya, located on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde’s largest island, is the country’s capital and largest city with a population of approximately 125 thousand. It is also an island in the Atlantic Ocean. There are many touristic places to visit and see here. You can see the historical buildings in the old part of the city and capture great photo frames. In addition, you can swim in the city’s wonderful beaches and sunbathe on the beaches. Enjoy local drinks.


Mindelo, located on the island of Sao Vicente in the northwest of the country, is known as the city where the country’s traditional music styles were born. It is one of the most important cities of the island. Nightlife here is quite colorful. It is the cultural capital of the country and welcomes many tourists throughout the year.

You can come here and enjoy a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. But I can’t pass without this warning. In recent years, the city has been experiencing difficulties due to the decline in the economy and the port. But it still maintains its popularity.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista, located in the easternmost part of the Atlantic Ocean, is the 3rd largest island of Cape Verde with an area of 620 km². This island is located 500 kilometers off the African coast. This island, which fascinates tourists with its long beaches, is also home to many historical buildings.

If you go here, be sure to visit the beaches where caretta carettas can be seen, such as Praia de Cruz, Praia do Estoril, Praia d’ Diante and Praia de Chaves. There are also many souvenir shops here. Do not go back without buying souvenirs for your loved ones.


Santiago is the largest island in the country with an area of 991 km². The majority of the country’s population lives on this island. It is housed in Praia, the capital of the country. There are many park areas on the island.

You can see endangered animals and plants here. Again, with its long sandy beaches and beaches, it welcomes many tourists throughout the year. Of course, there are also many historical buildings from the Portuguese colony on this island. You can choose this island for at least a week’s vacation. If you want to have a good memory in your life, you should come to this island.


Palmeira, located on Sal Island in the northeast of the country, is a must-see port city. There are many natural beauty areas that you should see here. Especially here there are many underwater caves and reefs.

You can discover them. Here again, you can experience the sea, sand, sun and, of course, the peak of fun. Nightlife is a very colorful city. You can come here with your loved ones and enjoy a peaceful holiday. Also, enter the Salt Baths here, find health and relax, and really try it.

Santo Antao

Located in the northwest of the country, Santo Antao is one of the largest islands in the country with an area of 779 km². When you come to this island, the first thing that catches your eye will be the mountains. It is the right address for those who love trekking and mountain climbing here.

There are also many sandy beaches on this island. Apart from these, there are many historical buildings. You can come here with your loved ones and experience nature, history and sea tourism together. Do not go back without tasting the local dishes.

Santa Maria

Located on Sal Island in the northeast of the country, Santa Maria is a must-see coastal city. A large number of tourists flock here throughout the year. The country’s most popular and most stylish hotels are located here. The endless sandy beaches are a few meters away from the hotels. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun on these beaches. It is also a very good address for water sports such as jet ski skiing and scuba diving.

Fogo Island

Located in the west of the country, Fogo is the country’s highest island with an altitude of 2,829 m. This island is mostly known for its volcanic villages and delicious wines. The name of the island means “fire” in Portuguese. The volcanic mountains located here have always been active throughout history. In fact, it was last sprayed in 2014. There are many historical buildings from the Portuguese colony here. Especially their cute houses are worth seeing. Again, it is impossible not to admire the vineyards. You should definitely visit this island, which is known as the most attractive island of the country.

Sal Island

Sal, located in the northeast of the country, is known as the sunniest island of the Cape Verde Islands. For this reason, there are many salt enterprises here. It is also used as a name in the sense of Salt. The salt extracted here is exported to different countries. But today, this island is mostly known for its endless beaches and beaches.

You can come here with your loved ones and lie on the white beaches and enjoy the sun. Again, many water sports can be done here. It is a very suitable place especially for surfers. This place is also known for its strong winds. About 20 thousand people live on this island. There is also an international airport here.


Located in the east of the country, Maio is a holiday island with an area of 269 km² that attracts many tourists throughout the year. This island is mostly known for its calm and tranquility. It is known as a paradise island with golden sand and calm sea conditions. Especially the beaches are in very good condition. You can come here and enjoy the sea, sand and sun to the fullest.

For those looking for a relaxing beach holiday, this is definitely a good address. Vila do Maio, the capital of the island, is located by the sea and houses a church in its center, built with wonderful architecture. There are also rare bird species on this island. You can see them here.

Best Hotels in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a wonderful archipelago country. Here you can enjoy the beach, sea and sun. Great views, food and entertainment await you. We have listed your top hotels in Cape Verde. You can reach the prices and availability of the hotels by clicking the Reservation button.

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