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Cappadocia… “Kappa Tuchia”, which means “Land of Beautiful Horses” in the words of the Persians.  Cappadocia, located in the center of Anatolia and one of Turkey’s most popular and unique tourism centers, is home to millions of locals and tourists every year with its magnificent nature, uniquely beautiful valleys, fairy chimneys, settlements carved into the rocks, open-air museums and underground cities. hosts foreign tourists. The most beautiful and most interesting activity you can do in Cappadocia will be to go to the sky with a balloon.


A Brief History of Cappadocia

 When we look at the history of Cappadocia, we see that the region was first active during the Hittites period.  Due to its location on the historical Silk Road route, the region was a kind of trade center at that time, and this situation dates back to BC.  It continues until the collapse of the Hittites in the 12th century.

 Afterwards, the region  Persians in the 6th century BC.  In 332, during the time of Alexander the Great, the Kingdom of Cappadocia and later A.D.  The Roman Empire ruled until 17.  M.S.  When the last King of Cappadocia died in 17, the region became a Roman province.


 Cappadocia region M.S.  In the 3rd century, the region became a center of education, religion and thought with the Christian people who settled here.  However, M.S.  Between the years 303-308, the pressure of the Roman Empire on the people of the region increased and the people built shelters and settlements carved into the rocks in deep valleys to hide from this pressure, persecution and invasion.

 Again M.S.  In the 11th and 12th centuries, Arab raids first dominated the region, and then the Seljuks dominated the region.  In the later periods, during the last Ottoman Empire period, peace prevailed in the region and after the Treaty of Lausanne between 1924-1926, the Christian people here migrated and left Cappadocia.

Formations in Cappadocia

 This extraordinary structure and feature of Cappadocia is hidden in geographical formations over 60 million years.  The Cappadocia region, which was an inland sea in the early days, the lava and ashes sprayed by the surrounding Erciyes Mountain, Hasan Mountain and Güllüdağ millions of years ago started to dry this region and stone, tuff structures consisting of lava and ash began to form in the region.


 These soft tuff layers started to change as a result of erosion by strong winds, floods and rain waters for millions of years and turned into valleys with erosion.  Thus, the conical bodies that we all know began to appear as if they had a mushroom cap or a hat on them.  These natural wonders are called fairy chimneys.

Cappadocia has also hosted many civilizations throughout history since the stone age.  Using the advantage of this structure of the region, many rock-cut settlements, houses, monasteries, churches, chapels, and underground cities were built.  Most of the fairy chimneys are positioned in this way.

 It was built in a way that is invisible from the outside in order to hide the people living here from the oppression, cruelty and invasion of the Roman Empire, and it has become the living space of thousands of people.

Top Hotels in Cappadocia


We have listed the best hotels in Cappadocia for you, where you can see the rare sights and formations that nature has to offer. Accommodation prices vary according to the facilities offered by the hotels and the distance to the region. There are many beautiful hotels you can choose for your honeymoon in Cappadocia. Honeymooners often prefer this region, which is one of the most interesting regions of Turkey.

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