Known for its cities such as Moroni, Mutsamudu, Fomboni, Ouani and Domoni and with a 99 percent Muslim population, Comoros is an archipelago country consisting of the islands of Grande-Comore (Great Comoros), Anjouan and Moheli located in the Indian Ocean. This country, which is generally dominated by a humid and warm climate, is one of the most beautiful holiday addresses in Africa with its fascinating beaches with deep blue waters, exquisite natural beauties and diving spots that fascinate diving enthusiasts.

Honeymoon in Comoros

Do you want to spend your honeymoon in Comoros, where Africa deserves to be explored? This country will offer you interesting experiences with its nature and unique landscapes. We’ve rounded up the best hotels, attractions and honeymoon destinations in Comoros for you. Let’s start exploring this beautiful country!

Places to visit in Comoros

We have listed the places to visit in Comoros for couples who want to explore different cultures and are adrenaline-loving couples. Interesting experiences await those who visit this beautiful country. It is one of the most interesting destinations you can choose for your honeymoon in Africa.

Comoros has colorful tropical landscapes and fairy-tale beaches. But there is something beyond that, this room is the smell of this island. This island country will also turn your head with its smells. You ask why? Comoros is the world’s second largest producer of vanilla and the largest producer of ylang-ylang oil. If you are looking for a place that will appeal to all your senses and make you forget all your troubles, a holiday in Comoros is for you.

Chomoni and Bouni Beach

Comoros is an island country. When talking about an island country, it is absolutely necessary to give information about the beaches. Chomoni and Bouni Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Grande Comore

Grande Comore, or the Great Comoros, is one of the 3 autonomous islands that make up the island country of Comoros. The capital of the island is the city of Moroni, which is also the capital of the country. Covering an area of ​​1,148 km², this island is located in the Indian Ocean. There are many natural beauty areas and historical buildings to visit and see here. You can come here and make a trip of at least 2 or 3 days.


Moroni is the capital of the island country of Comoros and the largest city in the country with a population of about 40 thousand. You can easily reach other countries and cities from the port here. There is also an international airport in the city. There are many natural beauty areas and historical buildings to visit and see here. If you happen to be here, it is the first place you should visit. Especially the beaches of the city are very popular. Here you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun.


Mohéli is one of the 3 autonomous islands that make up the island country of Comoros. Located in the Indian Ocean, this island must be explored. It is the smallest but also the most fascinating island in the country. Very few people live here. For this reason, it was not developed much, and the island nature remained untouched. When you go here, you will find the only national park of the country here.


Located in the western Indian Ocean and northwest of Madagascar, Mayotte is the most traditional island of the Comoros. It is also known as the French Island. Because of the tension, the French rule here. With the influence of the French, it developed and became popular. It is a very good address for snorkeling, sailing and diving. Thanks to its turquoise waters and white sands, it welcomes many tourists throughout the year.

Mount Karthala

Located in Grande Comore, Mount Karthala is the world’s largest active volcano at 2,361 m. It was last sprayed in 2007. This ejection lasted about 14 days. The bizarre yet magnificent landscapes created due to lava are quite remarkable. You can come here and have a great tour. Those who are interested in climbing sport may want to add it to the list of places to visit in Comoros. However, we recommend that you do detailed research on this subject.

Dziancoudre Waterfall

Located in Mutsamudu, Dziancoudre Waterfall is a natural beauty that must be visited and seen. Here, too, it emits scents such as ylang-ylang and clove aromas. In addition, you can visit and see the waterfall accompanied by the wonderful scenery. There is a wonderful view of the waterfall. If you go here, it is one of the places you will definitely stop by to find peace.

Best Hotels in Comoros

How about a honeymoon in a vanilla-scented country? For different experiences, you should visit Comoros, one of the most diverse countries in Africa. Before you can start your holiday planning, you will need to make a hotel decision. For this, we have listed the best hotels in Comoros for you. Hotel prices vary according to the dates of stay, the number of days and the services offered. We introduce you the best hotels and resorts for your honeymoon in Comoros.

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