Croatia is one of the most popular holiday and honeymoon destinations in its region. The country switched to yuro as its currency as of 2023. This will increase the interest in the country and contribute to tourism. Start packing to explore this beautiful country.

Honeymoon in Croatia

Croatia is a country that is home to many cultures. We can say that the country has a great wealth of nature, history, culture, art and entertainment. That’s why it is visited by millions of people every year. You can be one of these people. You can choose Croatia especially for your honeymoon. It offers the opportunity to find everything you are looking for in one place.

Best Hotels in Croatia

You may need to visit Croatia for honeymoon, vacation or work, in such a case we would like you to stay in a good hotel. Even in one of the best hotels in Croatia. That’s why we did a research. We hope these hotels will please you. Prices of hotels in Croatia vary according to the dates of stay, the number of stars and the facilities offered.

Places to visit in Croatia

You can have many reasons to be in Croatia. Work, vacation or honeymoon. For whatever reason, there are many places you must see when you visit this country. We have prepared a good list for you. We hope you will like and contribute to this list. Let’s take a look at our list of places to visit in Croatia on honeymoon.


The city, which is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, takes you on a long journey in history with breezes from the Middle Ages. Although most of the historical buildings were damaged during the war in the city, which was built by Venetian architects, they were renewed and regained their splendor. Dubrovnik welcomes its guests every year with its beauty that will do justice to the definitions of heaven on earth.


With its beaches stretching along the Adriatic Sea, Split, the country’s second largest city, welcomes thousands of tourists every year with its touristic wealth. In the city, where many civilizations left their legacy, you can find dozens of places to spend time, from natural beauty to museums with large collections, from historical artifacts to large squares.


The capital city of the country, Zagreb, reflects the harmony of modernism and classic. The city, which has preserved the traces of its multinational structure since years ago, is also a capital city in the field of culture and art. Even a short tour will make you feel good in the city, where ethnic streets lead to contemporary buildings. Be enchanted by this beautiful, bustling city rivaled by Prague and get lost in its streets.


Zadar, which is one of the places where you can watch the sunset in the best way, facilitates your exploration thanks to its very regular city architecture. There are natural beaches and great restaurants in the region, where there is less tourist density compared to other cities in the country. If you want a quiet holiday away from the crowds, turn your route to this beautiful seaside city.

Vis Island

You can have a nice feast by yourself on the island, which is full of restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes from Croatian cuisine. Don’t forget to taste the wines of the island, which is famous for its abundance of vineyards. Vis Island, which you can reach by ferryboat departing from Split, is also an impressive place with its historical structures and exotic caves.

Croatia Honeymoon Packages

Croatia is a wonderful country. It is a place of interest when evaluated in terms of nature, history and architecture. You can spend a wonderful honeymoon here. Visitors to the country for the first time may want to join various tours. Getting a new tour deal every time can tire you out. That’s why we recommend purchasing the Croatia Honeymoon Package. In this way, you will have the opportunity to pre-determine the places you will visit.

Croatia Honeymoon Package prices vary according to the services offered. How many days will the tour be? How many cities will you visit? What kind of hotel do you want to stay in? All of these affect tour prices.

We are doing a research for those who want to buy Croatia Honeymoon Package for their vacation or honeymoon. We will share the information of reliable tour companies with you in the near future.

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