Denmark is one of the most beautiful in the Scandinavian Peninsula. A country on a large area has the appearance of Europe. They are the definitive candidates of Europe with their life span, historical history, historical history, museums and beauties that can be lived throughout history. One of the most expensive in Europe.

This road, this autumn holidays, it is also useful to draw a nice route. It’s about everyone, one of the most livable in Europe. If you are planning a plang with several systems, you can take a route like Ahus and Aus. You can see much more along the way.

Honeymoon in Denmark

Scandinavia is a very different geography. Although it is cold in terms of climate, it is a region that stands out with its people, nature, art and architecture. One of the most beautiful countries of this region is Denmark. You will feel like you are in fairy tales during city tours. Therefore, the idea of honeymoon in Denmark is a great one.

Best Hotels in Denmark

If you are visiting a peaceful country like Denmark, you are looking for peace during your stay. For a pleasant holiday, you want to choose the best hotel in line with your possibilities. This is everyone’s right. We have done the necessary research for you. We have listed the best hotels in Denmark that you can choose for your vacation, honeymoon and business trip.

Places to visit Denmak


Amalienborg Palace, which is among the most touristic places in Denmark, is also known as the Winter House of the Royal Family, located between the city and the port. This magnificent building, designed by Nicolai Eigtved in the 1750s, is surrounded by 4 palaces in the palace square where the equestrian statue of King Frederik V is located. So this is a complex of four palaces from just one palace. One of the best things to do in this palace complex is to watch the changing of the guards. This change of guard, which takes place every day at 12 noon, is definitely worth seeing.

Nyhavn Canals

Nyhavn Canal, which is one of the points where tour boats take off, is usually the first place in the list of places to visit in Copenhagen prepared by travelers, since it is considered the center of the city.

The canal, which was once used as a commercial port, manages to attract local people and travelers with the social opportunities it has achieved as a result of the change it has undergone. If you go to Nyhavn at Christmas time, where you can enjoy the sunset in summer, you can encounter a colorful atmosphere. While wandering around the canal, you can have the opportunity to see many old buildings. That’s why the idea of honeymooning in Denmark is so good.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens, which Andersen and Walt Disney visited many times, was established in 1843. The gardens attract the attention of tourists due to their exotic architecture, historical buildings and fun-filled amusement park. It is one of the most preferred destinations for nature and entertainment honeymooners.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is located on Slotsholmen Island within the boundaries of Copenhagen City Center. After experiencing two fire disasters in 1794 and 1884, it was built in the Neo-Baroque style in its current form between 1907-1928.

While excavating the foundation of the palace designed by Thorvald Jørgensen, the ruins of the Absalon and Copenhagen castles were found. Thereupon, the sections where the remains were found were converted into an exhibition area and opened to the public in 1924.

Today, the palace is used by the royal family for various events. In addition, the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court and the Ministry of State continue their activities.

The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid Statue, which is indispensable for Copenhagen’s list of places to visit, was created by Edvard Eriksen in 1913 using bronze and granite materials. The sculpture was created after the brewer Carl Jacobsen was influenced by a ballet performance inspired by Andersen’s fairy tale. When ballet dancer Ellen Price could not be persuaded to pose during production, she had to seek help from her sculptor wife, Eline Eriksen.

During your Copenhagen holiday, you can have the opportunity to see a “genetically modified” version of the original sculpture, which Jacobsen gave as a gift to the Danish people. This work, signed by Bjorn Nørgaard, was produced to make fun of post-modern society.

Strøget Street

Strøget Street, the most important shopping area of ​​the city, connects the Town Hall and the square where the Charlottenburg Academy is located. Since the 1.1-kilometer-long street is closed to vehicle traffic, it offers shopping enthusiasts the privilege of spending pleasant hours in a very safe environment. You can find luxury brands such as Prada, Max Mara and Hermès together with economical options such as H&M and Zara on the pedestrian path, whose nickname precedes its real name.

You can even choose The Flying Tiger, which has a product portfolio of wonders of design, and Monki, the pioneer of cheap shopping in the city. In addition to shopping venues on the street, where acrobats, illusionists and musicians add color by performing their performances throughout the day, many interesting structures await you. Church of Our Lady where royal weddings are held, Stork Fountain, Royal Danish Theatre; Some of the buildings you can visit on the street and its surroundings.

Egeskov Castle

Known as the best preserved Renaissance castle in Europe, Egeskov Castle is located in the south of Denmark’s Fyn Island. Built in 1554 by Frands Brackenhaus, the chateau is known as ‘Egeskov Slot’ in Denmark. Egeskov Castle, which has the world’s largest bamboo labyrinth garden, takes you on a journey through time with its magnificent architecture.

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