Also known as the little pearl of the Red Sea, Djibouti is one of the calm and quiet countries of East Africa. This country, which attracts attention with its wonderful nature, wildlife and magnificent beaches adorning the Red Sea coast, is also a very attractive address for diving enthusiasts. About one million people live in this geography, where you can discover the rich underwater life of the Red Sea. If you want to return with unforgettable memories from this impressive country of the Black Continent, you’d better start making your travel plans. Here are some of the places you can see in this stunning country.

Places to visit in Djibouti

Located on the African Continent, Djibouti is a Muslim country with a coastline on the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. The city, which got rid of the French colonial rule and gained its independence on June 27, 1977, is among the African countries that attract attention with its culture, traditions and people.

If you happen to be in Djibouti, we recommend that you open our “Places to Visit in Djibouti” list and visit the must-see places. This country has a very beautiful nature. You can explore the country by taking city and forest tours.

Asal Lake

Located at the lowest point of the African Continent, Lake Asal is among the places you can see in Djibouti. Asal Lake, which is a crater lake, is located exactly 156 meters below sea level. If you want to escape the noise of the city and relax a little, you can visit the lake and take a short stroll.

Day Forest National Park

We said that Djibouti has a wonderful nature. Although it is generally known as a country with deserts and arid lands, you can find every shade of green and blue here. You can have a great time in this national park, where there are beautiful flowers and different species of living things. If you want to walk in the fresh mountain air, Day Forest National Park is one of the ideal spots for walks.

Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression, which is part of the Afar triangle in Ethiopia near the Djibouti border, is located 100 meters below sea level. This region also has the title of the place with the highest average temperature on the planet, with about 35 degrees Celsius. Known as the gateway to hell in the world, the Danaki Depression is also the location of the famous 3.2 million-year-old humanoid fossil Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis).

Moucha Island

Moucha Island, located in Djibouti, is the 3rd largest island in the country. The air temperatures on the island, which has a dry climate, reach 40 degrees. Moucha Island, which is among the places you should see if you visit Djibouti, attracts attention with its deep blue sea and fine white sands. Unfortunately, there are no professional businesses.

Djibouti People’s Palace

The palace, which was built as a symbol of Djibouti’s freedom, is among the most important structures for the people of Djibouti. There is a very large Djiboutian flag in the palace, which was built as a sign of patriotism. Seeing this building, which is among the symbols of the city, is very important in terms of seeing the nation’s struggle for independence.

Khor Ambado Beach

Khor Ambado Beach, the most famous beach in the country, is also called the French Beach. The reason for this is that French soldiers and their families living in the country also use this beach. This beach, which is a fun place where you can do swimming, diving and various water activities, is one of the indispensable addresses of summer holidays with its clean waters and long sandy beach.

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