Ecuador, a republic ruled by a representative democracy in South America, borders Peru to the east and south, and Colombia to the north. About 17 million people live in this country, which is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Ecuador, which offers an enjoyable holiday opportunity with its deep-rooted historical past, rich cultural values and friendly people, also stands out with its local markets where you will have the opportunity to see daily life closely.

Honeymoon in Ecuador

Ecuador, one of the most beautiful countries in South America, is a great honeymoon idea. It is a country rich in nature, history and art. When it is evaluated in terms of tourists, it is possible to have a holiday at very reasonable prices. It is even among the places where you can plan a luxury honeymoon for cheap.

Best Hotels in Ecuador

Hotels in Ecuador offer services to their customers based on their location. In the spa area, thermal hotels, those by the sea or lakes offer opportunities for swimming, diving, etc. Hotels in the city center are preferred by tourists who enjoy city tours. We have researched the best hotels in Ecuador for you.

Places to visit in Ecuador

Popular cities for honeymooners staying in Ecuador include Quito, Guayaquil, and Galapagos. We can say that the most interesting places you can see in South America are in Ecuador. There are many places to see and many activities to do in this beautiful country. Therefore, a wonderful honeymoon destination awaits you.

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