Fiji, an island country with 322 islands and 522 islets located in the south of the Pacific Ocean in Oceania, was formed as a result of volcanic movements that took place 150 million years ago. A desolate life prevails in the 215 islands of the country, whose official name is the Republic of Fiji. This country, which does not require a visa from the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, arouses admiration with its beaches famous for its pearly sands, rainforests that create magnificent views and rich underwater life. Dazzling with its cities such as Suva, Lautoka and Nadi as well as its islands such as Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Kuata and Waya LaiLai, Fiji is one of the most suitable addresses for a pleasant and peaceful holiday. Here are some of the most beautiful places you should visit and see in this wonderful island country.

Honeymoon in Fiji

Fascinating visitors with its exotic nature dominated by the tropical climate, Fiji is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Since the country consists of islands, it is possible to travel between these islands. Of course, it is not possible to travel to all the islands. Some islands are uninhabited. The number of people who prefer the Fiji Islands for their exotic honeymoon is quite high. It is frequently visited by European and American tourists. Fiji Honeymoon Packages prices vary according to the hotel, the facilities and activities offered.

Places to visit in Fiji

In Fiji, especially the islands are visited. Each island has its own unique aura. It fascinates its visitors with its interesting landscapes and astonishing nature. If you are going to visit this place for holiday or honeymoon, you should check our article “Places to visit in Fiji”. Do not miss the opportunity to see the beauties of this country up close.

Viti Levu Island

Viti Levu, the largest island of Fiji, is one of the most vibrant and crowded holiday destinations in the country. Approximately 600 thousand people live on this island, on which the capital Suva is located. On the island with an area of 10 thousand 389 square kilometers; You can see many tourist attractions such as the Fiji Museum, Thurston Gardens, Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve, Mount Tomanivi, Albert Park, Sacred Heart Cathedral and Sukuna Park. This island is usually visited for vacation or honeymoon.

Vanua Levu Island

Vanua Levu Island, known as Sandalwood Island, is the country’s second largest island. The island, which has very attractive spots for Scuba Diving enthusiasts, is one of the most frequented addresses of tourists coming to the country. With the cities of Labasa, Savusavu and Nabouwalu, the island, which has a population of approximately 136 thousand people, attracts attention with its natural beauties and peaceful environment. Just one of the exotic Fiji Islands.

Kuata Island

Fiji has an island with different flora. Kuata Island, which has clear waters where you can see sea creatures together, fascinates its visitors. You can see the sea creatures up close by diving from the early hours of the day until the sunset. With sharks, colorful fish and corals, Kuata Island is like an aquarium.

Village of Naboro

Waya LaiLai Island, known for the village of Naboro to see the locals up close and examine their culture, is one of the most popular visiting spots in the country. Waya LaiLai Island belongs to the Yasawa Islands group. The island, which is also an ideal holiday spot for backpackers with its economic life, attracts those who want to explore the local life and exotic atmosphere of the country. The friendly and warm-blooded people of the island make this environment even more colorful.

Best Hotels in Fiji Islands

If you are planning an exotic honeymoon, you can choose Fiji Islands, one of the best honeymoon destinations. We have listed the best hotels in Fiji for you to have a nice holiday. We would like you to stay in the hospitable establishments of this country. Whether you are planning a cheap or luxury vacation. There are many hotels in Fiji with options to suit your budget.

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