Do you want to have a holiday or honeymoon in Finland, the country of prosperity and peace, whose development and change is the subject of books? Finland, a Northern European country located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is one of the most livable settlements in the world with its modern appearance, high living standards and advanced education structure. This breathtaking country with its historical buildings, squares, city parks, museums and wonderful natural beauties is not very suitable for an economical travel. For this reason, it is useful to plan your budget well before buying your ticket in Finland.

Honeymoon in Finland


Are you planning a honeymoon in Finland, one of the most peaceful countries in the world? Exploring this wonderful country will allow you to have the best experiences of your life. You may not even want to leave the country. A wonderful Finland Holiday is waiting for you with its peaceful streets, wonderful architecture and friendly people. In this article, we will give you information about the best hotels and places to visit. After reading the article, you will understand how wonderful the idea of ​​​​honeymoon in Finland is.

Places to visit in Finland

Finland, one of the most beautiful and livable countries in Northern Europe, is famous for its natural beauty and Northern Lights. For those who like urban sprawl, you can spend time in big and beautiful cities such as Helsinki and Turku. These two cities are places that both history and art lovers should definitely take a look at. In this article titled “Places to visit in Finland”, you can also find the natural beauties, the most beautiful cities, popular places to visit and historical places in the country.

1.Suomenlinna Castle

Located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, this historical castle, also known as Sveaborg, is one of the most magnificent places in the city.

This is known as one of the largest sea forts in the world and is quite an old structure.

You can use the ferries departing from Helsinki’s “Market Square” to reach this castle, which dates back to 1845 and a century. The journey takes no more than 15-20 minutes.

Of course, the castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Helsinki. But it is among the most important structures not only of the city, but also of Finland.


Known as the capital of Finland’s Lapland Region, Rovaniemi is among the most beautiful places in the country.

It is also known as Santa’s House and is located in the Arctic Circle.

Famous for its “Midnight Sun”, Rovaniemi stays above Rovaniemi for 24 hours at the end of June and never gets dark from the end of May to the beginning of August.


Turku, located in the southwest of the country, is Finland’s oldest city and a city that was the capital city of 1812. Therefore, the city attracts attention with its historical places.

Turku, the most traditional medieval city in the country with its 800-year history, is a city that draws attention not only with its historical buildings, but also with modern structures in the city such as Art Nouveau and Sibelius Museum.

The river in the city is lined with historical boats, many of which have been converted into restaurants, and is one of the most favorite addresses of tourists.


Porvoo, one of the most beautiful cities in Finland, is the second oldest city in the country and, as you can imagine, stands out with its historical sites.

Since it is one of the cities near Helsinki, you can easily see this city with day trips.

Located an average of 48 km from Helsinki, Porvoo is famous for the small red wooden buildings lined by the river. This is one of the most photogenic places in the city.

You can find many historical and touristic places worth seeing in the city. Not to be missed among these are the Medieval Cathedral and Market Square on the hill. You can also see 2 museums in the square.


Tampere, the third largest city among Finland’s cities, was founded in 1779 as an industrial settlement. Lying between two lakes, this beautiful city feels more like you’re in a town.

This city is mostly known for its open-air theater and Finland’s most beautiful festivals. The most important and most famous of these is the Jazz festival called “Tampere Jazz Happening” held in November. In this festival, you can see world-famous Jazz artists performing in small halls and nightclubs.


Oulu, which has natural beauties with its location at the mouth of the Oulujoki river, at the western end of the Gulf of Bothnia, is among the important cities of the country to visit.

Although there are not many touristic activities to do in this city, which is mostly famous for its historical buildings, you can see places with unique beauties such as Hupisaari and Ainola island, and capture unique photo frames.

In this city, which is also famous for places where you can be alone with nature, Tietomaa Science Center is one of the attractions with the highest tourist traffic in the city.

Finland Honeymoon Packages

Do you want to visit Finland, one of the most peaceful countries not only in Europe but also in the world? There are many activities to please you in this peaceful country. City tours, museum visits, historical buildings, artistic activities, sports activities, wonderful natural events and more are waiting for you in this beautiful country. If you are planning a honeymoon where you can benefit from all these, we recommend that you buy “Finland honeymoon packages”.

If you are one of those who do not want to experience negative surprises and want to have a more planned holiday, honeymoon packages are just for you. You may not know where to start your travel planning. Therefore, you can act from standard packages. Do you want to explore Finland in particular? Then you can check out our Finland honeymoon packages.

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