Despite its small size, Georgia, whose capital is Tbilisi, is an excellent country in terms of nature and history. Especially if you are planning a tour to Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia, you should definitely visit this country. It will impress you with its friendly people, delicious food, nature and history. Most of the tourists coming to Georgia are Russians, Turks, Armenians and Europeans. But it is a country that appeals to all parts of the world. It has improved a lot, especially in recent years.

Honeymoon in Georgia

You can spend an unforgettable honeymoon in Georgia. There are many places to visit and many activities to do in the country. If you are visiting the country, especially in the summer, you can enjoy the sea and the beach by visiting the Black Sea coast. We have also listed the best honeymoon hotels in Georgia for you. The country is very close to the Black Sea region of Turkey. If you have visited this region, you can reach Georgia by taking a 2-3 hour road. In this way, your holiday and honeymoon can become more enjoyable and interesting.

Places to visit in Georgia

There are many places to visit in Georgia. That’s why you should prepare a list while planning your honeymoon. You can come to Tbilisi and Batumi, the capital of the country, by plane. If you come from neighboring countries, you can even choose the highway. Due to its strategic and geopolitical location, it is very easy to reach. Therefore, even if you are in a nearby country, always have a list of places to visit in Georgia ready in your pocket.


The capital, Tbilisi, is located almost in the center of the country. You can easily go to many parts of the country by car rental, bus or taxi. Tbilisi will make you very happy with its history and nature. Although it is a developed city, it has a magnificent nature. You can see the works of both Georgian and Russian architecture closely by taking a city tour here.

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