An average of 12 million people live in Guinea, which is home to about 20 different ethnic groups, including Fulbeler, Malinkeler, Susular, Kpelleler, Kissis and Lomas. This West African country, whose majority of the population lives in Conakry, the capital of the country and the most developed settlement, also stands out with its rich cultural texture and interesting traditions created by the influence of different ethnic groups. This country, which was under French colony from 1891 until 1958 when it declared its independence; He earns his living from agriculture, mining and animal husbandry. Guinea, which has had difficult years due to the Ebola epidemic that has descended on the country like a dark cloud, continues to attract tourists with its nature and cultural structure.

Honeymoon in Guinea

You will find many activities together while you honeymoon in Guinea, which has a magnificent nature. So much so that safari, city trip, swimming and crazy fun all come together in this country. A vacation is waiting for you without getting bored. Of course, every country has its most popular honeymoon destination. Guinea’s best honeymoon destination is Loos Island, known as the Atoll Islands. Here you can enjoy the sea, beaches, sun and wonderful forests. Guinea is not a country that attracts many tourists. But it is a country that must be seen by adventurous couples.

Places to visit in Guinea

We are sure that there are many places to visit in Guinea. However, we think that for some security reasons, these areas cannot be entered and therefore cannot be discovered. However, there are some spots that you can safely visit. You can visit this area by taking the necessary safety precautions.

Atoll Island – Loos Island

Atoll Island is one of the places that must be visited by those who visit Guinea for a holiday or honeymoon. This beautiful coral island has an enchanting beauty. If you are going to Guinea, visit this area.

Mount Nimba Forbidden Nature Reserve

Fascinating with its dazzlingly beautiful nature and clean air, Mount Nimba Forbidden Nature Site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Five thousand hectares of this protected area, which is built on an area of 17 thousand 540 hectares, remains on the territory of the Ivory Coast. You should not leave Guinea without seeing this nature area, which is among the favorite visit addresses of trekkers and mountaineers.

The Guinea National Museum

The Guinea National Museum, serving in the Sandervalia region of the capital Conakry, was opened in 1960 to display the country’s traditional artifacts. This museum, which contains many items such as items from the French colonial period, local clothes, impressive masks, and ancient objects reflecting the cultural texture, is open to visitors every weekday.

Fouta Djallon

If you want to discover the beautiful natural beauties of the country, Fouta Djallon can be a great visiting spot for you. Fouta Djallon, a highland region surrounded by colorful flowers and trees that reveal a thousand and one shades of green, is located near the town of Labe. This breathtaking region with its rivers, waterfalls and dazzling views will take you away from the stress of city life and take you to places reminiscent of fairy tales.

Soumba Waterfalls

Soumba Waterfalls, which creates images like postcard frames with its peaceful atmosphere, clear waters and magnificent scenery, is located about two hours away from the city center. If you happen to be in the area of Soumba Waterfalls, do not forget to take your camera with you and immortalize these unique moments.

Best Hotels in Guinea

Africa is a continent still waiting to be discovered. Each country of this continent has its own beauties. Guinea is a wonderful country with its nature, culture, local clothing, dances and food. Here you can take the necessary precautions and have a great time. We have listed the best hotels in Guinea that you can choose for your holiday or honeymoon.

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