Guyana is a South American country where approximately 773 thousand people live. Adjacent to Suriname to the east, the Caribbean Sea to the north, Brazil to the south, and Venezuela to the west, Guyana is the continent’s smallest country after Suriname and Uruguay. The country, which had been under British and Dutch colony for many years, declared its independence in 1966. Most of the territory of this country, which has a tropical climate, consists of unexplored rainforests. The most suitable dates for visiting are in February-April and September-October, which fascinates with its dazzling nature and clean air, and which is outside of the rainy seasons. Here are some of the places you should see in this country, which is home to wonderful tourist attractions.

Honeymoon in Guyana

The wonderful nature of South America fascinates tourists. However, due to various reasons, people cannot visit some of these countries. Conditions such as transportation, economic difficulties, security spread are the biggest obstacles in exploring these beautiful countries. Vacation and honeymoon in Guyana can be very enjoyable. But for innovative, adventurous couples who love to explore the world.

Places to visit in Guyana

We will share with you 5 places you can visit in Guyana, one of the virgin lands of South America. During your trip, you will be surprised that there is a country with so much natural beauty. You will spend an unforgettable holiday with its friendly people, interesting cultures and unfamiliar food.



The capital of Guyana is Georgetown. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, this city is the most visited city in the country. You can do many activities in this city. It has great opportunities for city tours, swimming, tasting local dishes and getting to know Guyana culture closely.

St. George’s Cathedral

The most famous place of worship in Guyana, where Christianity and Hinduism dominate, St. George’s Cathedral. Located in the country’s capital, Georgetown, this cathedral is known as the second tallest church made of wood in the world, with a height of 43.5 meters. It is also possible to see traces of Gothic architecture in this historical building, which was completed in 1899. In addition to its pure white appearance, you can visit this cathedral, which is the center of attention of those who come to the city with its interior decoration and colorful stained glass windows, free of charge.

Shell Beach

Another place you must visit during your visit to Guyana is Shell Beach. This virgin beach draws attention with its sandy beach and clear sea. It is one of the destinations that should be visited even for a day.

Kaieteur Falls


Kaieteur Falls is one of the most visited natural beauties of the country. The power and magnificent view of the waters pouring from 226 meters of the waterfall has given this place a fascinating atmosphere. Considering that 663 cubic meters of water is poured from the waterfall per second, we can say that Kaieteur is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. Those who want to go to these waterfalls need to buy camping or airplane themed tours. If you choose the camping option, you can spend more time around the waterfall, but those who buy a plane tour are limited to two or three hours.

The Guyana National Museum

The Guyana National Museum was opened in 1951 in the city of Georgetown. A large number of archaeological artifacts, precious stones and animal figures are exhibited at the Guyana National Museum, which is known as the largest museum in the country. This museum, where you can find information about the country’s history, natural and cultural texture, can be a pleasant visit point for those who like to make cultural trips. The museum can be visited between 09.00 and 16.30 on weekdays. Walter Roth Anthropology Museum, African Heritage Museum, Guyana Heritage Museum stand out among other museums worth seeing in the country.

Best Hotels in Guyana

The wonderful nature of South America fascinates its visitors. There are very good hotels in Guyana, which is one of the beautiful countries in the caribbean that you can visit for a vacation or honeymoon. You can stay peacefully and comfortably. There are world-famous hotels, especially in the capital, Georgetown.

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