Hungary, a landlocked country in Central Europe, is bordered by Austria and Slovenia to the west, Slovakia to the north, Romania and Ukraine to the east, and Serbia and Croatia to the south. OECD, NATO, EU and Schengen member countries require a Schengen visa. Hungary, which has been under Ottoman rule for many years and therefore traces of those periods can be found in its cultural and architectural texture, also makes a name for itself with its unique natural beauties. Home to countless structures and artifacts to visit, the country is one of the leading places in Europe with its colorful entertainment life.

Honeymoon in Hungary

Hungary is a country located in Central Europe. For this reason, it has an advantageous position for organizing a tour of Central Europe or transiting to other countries. While exploring Hungary, you will enjoy its historical texture, architecture and natural beauties. If you want to organize a romantic honeymoon with plenty of city sightseeing, it’s for you.

Places to visit in Hungary

There are many places to visit in Hungary. For this reason, you should prepare a list when organizing a holiday or honeymoon. History, nature, art and local cuisine will give you a wonderful holiday. You will have unforgettable memories. The best honeymoon destinations you must visit in this country are Budapest, Debrecen and Pecs.


The capital, Budapest, is a historical city that was within the borders of the Roman Empire in the past. With the merger of the cities of Buda, Pest and Old Buda in 1873, the city took its present form. It stands out with its history and nature. Buda Castle, located on the Danube River, is among the symbols of the city. Gellert Hill, which is 235 meters high, Andrassy Boulevard and Opera House are among the important historical buildings of the city.

Known as the City of Baths, Budapest is also famous for its thermal pools. You can also create your travel route through the Budapest Travel Guide. A city that will be at the top of your list of places to visit in Hungary.


Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest. Established in 1916 in particular, the Hortobagy National Park is one of the most beautiful spots where you can see the vibrant diversity of Debrecen. In the park where you can see different species of creatures; You can visit fish ponds, bird species, wild animals and reptiles. You can take a peaceful walk in the park, which also includes Lake Tisza.


Another place you can add to the list of cities to visit in Hungary is the city of Pecs. The city, which draws attention with its historical buildings, can be preferred for a peaceful stroll. You can organize a day tour or a 1-night tour to explore this city.

Best Hotels in Hungary

Budapest is the most visited city in Hungary. For this reason, we can say that the best hotels in the country are in this city. Quite a number of hotels are located, especially on the banks of the Danube. There is accommodation for every budget. In this article we will inform you about the best hotels in Budapest and Hungary. You can click on the “Reservation” link to see the current prices and availability of these hotels.

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    Hungary is a very beautiful country. You can find both its own culture and European culture together. People are very friendly. Therefore, we enjoyed it very much. I recommend Hungary for honeymoon to everyone. If you ask what is the cheapest honeymoon idea in Europe, I’ll tell you this place.


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