Are you planning a vacation or honeymoon in Kuwait, one of the richest Arab countries? The country is growing its visitors with its traditional and modern architecture. Therefore, it is one of the most popular countries in the Middle East. You can do many activities when you visit this country. City tours, Desert safari and luxury shopping are waiting for you. In this article, we will give you information about places to visit in Kuwait, the best hotels and the best honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoon in Kuwait

Planning a vacation or honeymoon in Kuwait, one of the richest Arab countries? A wonderful holiday awaits you in this beautiful country with the most beautiful examples of modern architecture. City tours, desert safari, luxury shopping and beautiful jewelery await you. When you are overwhelmed by the heat, you can choose your hotel’s pool or the cool waters of the Persian Gulf.

Places to visit in Kuwait

You can find the most beautiful examples of modern architecture in Kuwait. These structures, each with an interesting design, will amaze you. The most beautiful works of traditional architecture are religious buildings. Mosques and museums hosting Islamic artifacts are visited by millions of tourists annually. These are the places frequented by travelers who enjoy exploring different cultures. Let’s give information about 5 places to visit in Kuwait.

The Liberation Tower


The Liberation Tower is one of the most important symbols of Kuwait. From the top of this majestic tower, the city view looks great. There is a restaurant on the upper floor. You can have a romantic meal with a fascinating view. You should definitely add it to your list of places to visit for the opportunity to watch this beautiful country from a bird’s eye view.

Kuwait Science Center


In addition to being an education center, Kuwait Science Center, which also has the largest aquarium in the Middle East, an IMAX movie theater and a stadium, is built on an area of 80,000 square meters. This extraordinary structure allows us to understand the beauties of modern architecture. We are sure that you will have a pleasant time here. Therefore, add it to the list of places to visit in Kuwait.

Souk Al Mubarakiya

To visit Kuwait and see its traditions and culture up close, you should take city tours. Souk Al Mubarakiya is a very attractive bazaar to see the traditional texture of the country. You can buy various souvenirs from the bazaar located in the oldest residential area of the city. Moreover, you can eat traditional Arabian cuisine.

Mescid-i Kabir

When you visit a country where the Islamic faith is widespread, you should definitely visit its places of worship. Considered among the largest mosques in the world, Mescid-i Kabir (Great Mosque) is located on an area of 45 thousand square meters. The mosque, where 10 thousand people can pray at the same time, has been open to worship since 1986.

Marina Mall

When you come to Kuwait, you can’t go without shopping. You should visit the Marina Mall, where there are flashy jewellery, world-famous clothing stores and restaurants serving delicious food. Even taking a walk in this shopping center with a sea view will delight you.

The Avenues


You should visit The Avenues, one of the largest shopping malls in the Middle East. This building is one of the best examples of modern architecture. Its curved exterior attracts a lot of attention. The light shows are fascinating. You will find everything you are looking for in this shopping center that hosts hundreds of stores.

Best Hotels in Kuwait

You can find the most luxurious hotels of the Middle East in Kuwait. The comfort level of the hotels with stylish and eye-catching architecture is quite high. We have listed the best hotels in Kuwait, which you can choose for an unforgettable holiday or honeymoon. You can click on the Reservation button to get information about the availability and prices of the hotels.

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