Paris, one of the most popular cities in the world, is highly preferred by honeymooners. You will find peace while wandering the streets of a romantic city. You will get lost in your spouse’s eyes, accompanied by interesting French dishes and wines. Honeymooning in Paris, the city of dreams, is a great idea. You will think that you are in a dream in this city. You can visit this most visited city in the world on your honeymoon. We will inform you about places to visit in Paris.

Paris, the capital of France, contains the most important symbols of the world. Art, architecture, museum, romance and love. In short, you will find everything you are looking for in a single city.

Honeymoon in Paris

The journey that lovers take to get to know each other better is called honeymoon. We will give you information about Paris, one of the best places to discover each other. You can also share your experiences in the comments. Both us and those who plan to visit the city will be pleased with this.

Paris is one of the best honeymoon destinations. You will feel your love much more deeply in this city. You are where everyone wants to be! There are so many places to explore that we will only be able to include a few in the list you will prepare. Let’s start listing the places you can visit on your honeymoon.

Places visit to Paris

Throughout the article on places to visit in Paris, we will share very detailed information about the 10 most important places to visit in Paris, the world-famous capital of France. Of course there is more to this city. However, our article can be very long and boring. That’s why we want you to contribute to the list of Places to visit in Paris. In the comment section, you can write the places you have just discovered or the ones that are not on the list.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, the most important symbol of Paris. This iconic tower with 3 viewing terraces was opened at the Expo 1889 Fair, which was held within the framework of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the French Revolution. During the construction period between 1887 and 1889, Gustave Eiffel’s design was adhered to. The tower, which was not liked by the city residents at first, has become a symbol not only of the city but also of the country.

Honeymooners traveling to Paris, the capital of France, for the first time, pay attention to the tower to enjoy the wonderful view and have romantic moments.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is a very important building both religiously, culturally and architecturally. The Gothic-style building was built between 1163-1334 on the area on the banks of the Seine River. This place, where the cathedral is located, was also considered sacred by the Celts and Romans.

The road passing in front of the main gate of Notre Dame Cathedral is called “Kilometer Zero”. Hz. Religiously valuable objects such as the crown of thorns of Jesus increase the cultural importance of the building several times.

Louvre Museum

Napoleon courtyard of the Louvre museum at night time, with Ieoh Ming Pei’s pyramid in the middle.

One of the most famous buildings in Paris is the Louvre Museum. You have many reasons to visit this museum. It hosts the most important historical ruins and works of art in the world. If you want to go to the museum while honeymooning in Paris, you have to queue very early in the morning. The museum is flooded with visitors.

You can have the opportunity to see the world’s most important works of art up close. You will understand that we call Paris one of the best honeymoon destinations.

Sacre Coeur Basilica

From a high point, especially from the observation decks of the Eiffel, when you look towards the summit of Montmartre, you can see the enchanting Sacre Coeur Basilica.

Surrounded by wide grass areas, the basilica was built between 1875-1914 in memory of those who lost their lives in the Franco-Prussian War in 1874. Inspired by Roman and Byzantine architecture, the religious building offers its visitors the privilege of seeing impressive works such as the “Great Mosaic of Christ Majesty”.

You can climb to the top of the Basilica to watch the city view. A good opportunity to renew your love. You will fall in love with both the city and your lover once again.

Champs Elysées Street

We would like to talk about the Champs Elysées Street, which is one of the most luxurious and glittering parts of Paris. This can be the first stop for shopaholics.

The street, which is the favorite of couples who love shopping, was founded in 1667 by the XIV. It was built under the leadership of Louis’ gardener Andre Le Notre. There are shops and restaurants on both sides of the street. You can find stores of many famous brands in Champs Elysées.

Arc de Triomphe

During your tour of the Champs-Elysées, you can see the Arc de Triomphe, which is considered an architectural masterpiece.

The construction of the landmark that adorns Charles de Gaulle Square was started in 1806 on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte. However, it took 30 years to complete the process.

There is the monument named “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” just below the arch where you can enjoy the historical silhouette of the city from one side and look at modern Paris from the other side. This monument was built in memory of those who died during World War I.

After visiting the monument, we recommend that you go to the observation terrace at the top to enjoy the view. Watching the view from here, especially at sunset, will be in your mind as a romantic memory.


Chessy, mardi 12 avril 2022:

You will make your childhood dreams come true at Disneyland. Take 1 full day to visit the one in Paris, which is its 2nd branch after the United States. It’s a place where you can have a lot of fun.

Excitement and happiness will go together. Have fun with your lover in huge toys that will increase your adrenaline level. Disneyland is quite large and offers many activities. Admission is of course free. We recommend that you learn the current prices before your city visit.

Versailles Palace and Gardens

The Palace and Gardens of Versailles, 20 kilometers from the city center, was first built in the XIII century. It was built as a modest hunting lodge during the Louis era. XIV. During the reign of Louis XVI, it was expanded to accommodate 20 thousand people.

The purpose of the expansion works was not just to create spaces that could accommodate large numbers of people. Because the palace, in which the French Baroque and Classical architecture was successfully blended, was also desired to symbolize the power of the king.

Opera National de Paris

Rues et avenues vides a proximite de l Opera de Paris.Paris, le mardi 24 mars 2020, au 8e jour de confinement pour lutter contre la propagation du coronavirus Covid-19.//BREGANDCELINE_1325/2003250014/Credit:CELINE BREGAND/SIPA/2003250028

The Opéra National de Paris awaits art lovers. Paris’ elegant Opera House owes its fame not only to its magnificent performances but also to its stunning architecture.

The historical building, which is the home of the Paris National Opera, was built in 1669 on the orders of Louis XIV. To be frank, the view of the building, especially in the evening, is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Opera House has two main halls, the Opera Bastille and the Palais Garnier. Opera Bastille, with a capacity of 2,700 seats, was designed in a contemporary style and was put into service in 1989. Palais Garnier, which fascinates its guests with its magnificent interior decoration, is much older. The 1970-seat hall opened its doors to art lovers in 1875.

Place De La Concorde

Concorde Square, which is close to the Grand Palais and the Louvre Museum, was built in the XV. It was started to create a space where the statue of Louis could be erected. Architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel directed this process, which lasted from 1755 to 1765.

In addition to this monument, which has added splendor to the square since 1836, you can also find the opportunity to photograph two beautiful fountains during your visit. But don’t forget to focus on these and take a look at the 8 statues symbolizing French cities.

Musee Picasso

Musee Picasso, opened in 1985, operates as a research center focused on the life and work of the artist, unlike its counterparts in most places. Therefore, in addition to over 200 paintings and 150 sculptures signed by Picasso, it hosts thousands of photographs and documents.

Another factor in the Picasso Museum’s great interest is that it includes the collection that the artist has accumulated. So, when you visit this place, you can take a closer look at the works that Picasso has accumulated throughout his life.

Pont Alexandre III Bridge

There are a total of 30 bridges on the part of the Seine within the borders of Paris. While the origins of some of these structures date back to ancient times, some of them attract attention with their modern architecture.

One of the buildings in the second category, III. Alexandre Bridge was built for the 1900 World’s Fair. Simplicity is emphasized in its design. However, the authorities state that the bridge is at a very advanced level in terms of engineering for its period.

Pont des Arts (Lovers’ Bridge)

The Lovers Bridge is a bridge on the Seine River that carries thousands of locks. Locks are attached to symbolize the devotion of lovers to each other. A must place for lovers to add to their places to visit in Paris list.

The first metal bridge built in the city was built between 1802-1804. Its name actually means “Bridge of the Arts”. However, because it has been a popular meeting point especially among young people for a long time, it is more commonly referred to as the Lovers Bridge among the people.

Paris Honeymoon Packages

Paris is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. You will discover new things every moment while walking around this city. Unforgettable place. There are many features that distinguish Paris from others. You will also notice this during your trip.

It would be helpful to get information about Paris Honeymoon Packages before visiting the city. Tour prices vary. Many criteria such as hotel facilities, activities included in the tour, vacation duration determine the prices. That’s why there are many things that you need to clarify before your trip.

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