Phi Phi Islands

Without a doubt, Phi Phi Islands is one of Thailand’s most popular honeymoon destinations. A place that fascinates with its unique nature. The island is like heaven on earth. It is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world throughout the year.


Phi Phi Island is preferred not only because of its nature but also because of the opportunities it offers. Honeymooners both enjoy the fun and have a romantic vacation. You can have crazy fun at nightclubs, go to the sea with a canoe and feel the silence and peace. It is impossible to be unhappy in Phi Phi with its mountain climbing, nature walks and unique beaches.

Honeymoon in Phi Phi Islands

When you start researching for your honeymoon, you will be very confused. You will have a hard time making a decision. So make a list of your and your partner’s wishes and expectations. If your list includes entertainment, tranquility, romance, interesting food, a magnificent sea, endless beaches and island life, add Phi Phi Island to the top of your list. Because Phi Phi will be the best honeymoon place for you.


Things to do and visit on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island offers great opportunities to its visitors. The island is visited by lovers of sea holidays. So don’t forget to enjoy the beaches. Experience different and delicious street food. Canoe out at sunset. Meet the monkeys and swim with the sharks. Travel with elephants. All of them may sound like crazy and unattainable ideas. But all of these are possible on a honeymoon tour in Phi Phi Island.


Activities for honeymooners visiting Phi Phi Island:

  • Going to the beaches and swimming. There are beaches with discos and bars as well as quiet and peaceful beaches.
  • do hiking
  • sailing in canoes
  • Traveling with elephants
  • Meeting the monkeys
  • Swimming with sharks
  • Going to nightclubs
  • Visits to temples, statues and museums
  • Eating street food
  • Diving by participating in sea tours
  • Scuba Dib

Things to do on Phi Phi Island are not limited to these. Let everything else be a surprise.

Is Phi Phi Island Cheap or Expensive?

Visited by millions of tourists every year, this unique island of Thailand offers accommodation and activities for every budget. Hotel prices with different concepts are quite cheap. For those who want to have a luxury holiday, there are luxury hotels with all kinds of facilities.


Whether it’s low or high budget, everyone has things in common that they get together and have fun. For example, street food. Everyone who visits Phi Phi Island is curious about the flavors of street food. So they may encounter people who stay at the hotel for $200 per night and people who pay $20,000 per night.


Phi Phi Island increased its popularity with Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie The Beach. In order to meet the demands, the Thai government and private sector investors made investments in the island. Therefore, there is a holiday opportunity for every budget. But if you want to know how much you will pay before you go on your honeymoon, you should buy Phi Phi Honeymoon Packages.

Phi Phi Islands Honeymoon Packages Prices

You don’t need to be rich to honeymoon on Phi Phi Island 🙂 Low-budget holiday packages are offered to attract tourists to the island. You can review the Phi Phi Honeymoon Packages suitable for your budget and make your decision.


There are a few factors that determine the prices of Phi Phi Honeymoon Packages. Within the framework of these considerations, you can determine your holiday plan that fits your budget.

  • Which country you will visit is an important issue. Because tour prices vary according to the cost of air tickets.
  • What dates will you visit and how many days will you stay?
  • What are your expectations from the hotel you want to stay in?
  • What activities are included or excluded from the tour package?

The answers to all these questions determine the prices of Phi Phi Island Honeymoon Packages. Before planning a vacation, you should ask yourself these questions. Then you can get information from the companies that organize honeymoon tours.

You will find everything you desire on Phi Phi Island, one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. If you have different expectations, you can evaluate different honeymoon packages. While visiting Phi Phi, you can also include the cities of Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya in your vacation plan.

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