Qatar is one of the countries whose name we have heard the most recently. The country is very rich in oil. He uses this wealth both for the promotion of the country and for my tourism. It stands out with its modern structures, wonderful city landscape and interesting activities. The land of luxury and wealth.

Due to its geographical structure, Qatar offers many activities together. There are big and beautiful beaches as well as deserts in the country. Therefore, you can do a desert safari on your honeymoon in Qatar and then swim in the sea to relax.

Honeymoon in Qatar

The Qatari administration is trying to attract the attention of tourists and fish couples by promoting the country. This is partly the reason for the different investments they have made in Europe and America. It has excellent hotel facilities. Moreover, it is not an extremely expensive country. There are even those who visit the country just for shopping. Choosing a katan for your honeymoon will offer you wonderful opportunities and interesting experiences.

The idea of ​​“honeymoon in Qatar” may sound interesting. However, after your visit, you will see that you have accumulated unforgettable memories. This country offers you the opportunity to get unique experiences. When planning your honeymoon, don’t forget to review our “to do in Qatar” list.

Places to Visit in Qatar

Qatar is one of the most beautiful countries where you can see the works of modern and traditional architecture. This rich country has become one of the most famous countries in the world thanks to its advertising efforts. Besides, they deserve it. Because they don’t like being described as just an oil-rich country.

It is a great idea to have a honeymoon in Qatar, where Eastern and Arab cultures are synthesized with Western culture. Here you can find the best hotels in the world. Moreover, the prices are not as high as you might think. The decisions taken by the state administration to activate tourism were beneficial. Vacationing in Qatar will be cheaper than you think. In this article, “Where are the best honeymoon destinations in Qatar?” “Where are the places to visit in Qatar?” “What to do in Qatar” “Where to stay on holiday in Qatar?” “What is the list of the most beautiful hotels in Qatar?”

1. Pearls Island

Pearl, one of Qatar’s most important commercial revenues before oil, inspired the project of this island. There are 18,831 residences in Pearl Island, which is generally preferred by foreigners living in Qatar. Inci Island, which will make you feel like you are in a different world, is the embodiment of magnificence and ostentation.

It is also possible to travel by gondolas on the island, which also has water channels inspired by Venice. While visiting the Pearl Island project, one of the biggest projects in the Middle East, you can encounter many breezes from Europe, Asia and Africa, and you can visit the island whenever you want.

2. Abdullah Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Cultural and Islamic Center

The Museum of Islamic Art, designed by Leoh Ming Pei, has been operating since 2008. Many Islamic items belonging to the periods between the 7th and 19th centuries are brought together in this museum and exhibited in a sheltered way.

Among the Islamic items collected from all over the world; There are the Kaaba covers, the handwritten Qur’an, the key to the Kaaba. You can also visit the edicts of the Ottoman period and portraits of the sultans in the museum, which will be very pleasing to those who follow Islam and Arab culture closely.

You can visit the Museum of Islamic Art, which is among the popular spots in Doha, between 10.30-17.30, except Tuesdays.

3. Qatar National Museum

The building, designed by architect Jean Nouvel, was inspired by the desert rose and has a form that resembles the petals of a flower when viewed from above. Although the exterior design of the building has been completed, the opening of the museum is estimated as 2018, since the deficiencies have not been fixed yet.

Among the objects that are expected to be found in the museum; It is estimated that there will be 8,000 pieces, including archaeological finds, traditional costumes, exhibits, jewelery and historical documents.

4.Doha Zoo

If you are interested in animals and nature, you may want to discover and see new species up close wherever you go. If you have traveled to Doha, you can stop by Doha Zoo to satisfy your love of animals.

The zoo, which hosts 1500 animals in an area of 4.2 hectares, is one of the most popular spots in the city. After visiting elephants, giraffes, baboons, bird species, reptiles, one-horned antelopes and zebras, we recommend you not to miss the shows with trained elephants.

You can visit the park, which has a spot that attracts the attention of everyone, young and old, between 08.00-20.30.