Honeymoon is a great opportunity for couples to get to know each other. In the process, you will travel together and discover new places. The activities you have done will give you clues about each other. The most preferred period for honeymoon is summer or spring. Traveling becomes easier and traveling can become more enjoyable. If the destination has beaches and seas, swimming and sunbathing come to the fore.

Honeymoon in Summer Seasson

Summer is a beautiful time for a honeymoon. It is especially ideal for those who have the idea of ​​sea and sunbathing on holiday. From another point of view, it can be considered as suitable for traveling and exploring new places. You will enjoy every holiday you go during this season. Who doesn’t love the sun! Of course, all countries and cities have different beauty in every season. Our aim is to answer the questions of those who want to go on a honeymoon, especially in the summer.


The Asian continent is a very large geography. You can find any activity you are looking for in this continent. A place where seas, deserts and forests are intertwined. We can’t finish counting the honeymoon places in Asia. Let’s start our list of the most popular destinations.



The European continent, which has a soil structure extending from the north to the equator, contains many riches. It attracts honeymooners who love history, nature, art and science, as well as a sea holiday. We have listed the best destinations for your honeymoon in Europe.

  • Greece
    Located on the Mediterranean coast of the European continent, Greece fascinates tourists with its history, nature, architecture and food. It looks very attractive with its historical buildings, mythological stories, museums and friendly people from ancient times to the present. You will like this country, which shapes the peoples, tribes and communities that shape the history … Read more
  • Bulgaria
    Bulgaria is one of the last European Union members. It is a wonderful country with its different culture, history and warm people. The country, which was ruled by communism from 1946 to 1990, now has a modern structure. However, it is still possible to see buildings from the communist era. There are even people whose … Read more
  • Croatia
    Croatia is one of the most popular holiday and honeymoon destinations in its region. The country switched to yuro as its currency as of 2023. This will increase the interest in the country and contribute to tourism. Start packing to explore this beautiful country. Honeymoon in Croatia Croatia is a country that is home to … Read more
  • Serbia
    Having fun and people of all colors, Serbia is a country that is frequently preferred by people visiting abroad on holidays. Serbia, like many Balkan countries, has a quiet and historical city. The largest of these cities is Belgrade. Tourists also visit this city the most. If you prefer Serbia for business, vacation or honeymoon, … Read more
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Bosnia-Herzegovina, whose population is mostly of Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian origin, is one of the most touristic countries in the Balkan geography. This Balkan country welcomes a large number of foreign tourists every year. The country, which remained under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years and joined the Socialist Federal Republic of … Read more


The African continent is a geography where you can do many activities, not only for a sea holiday, but also for city tours, safaris and discovering new places. There is a lot to discover on this continent where tourists come from all over the world. It is a continent where you can find many different cultures together. Honeymoon in Africa might sound interesting. However, you will not be able to hide your surprise at what you see.

  • Gambia
    Gambia, which is one of the attractive countries of Africa with its traditional texture and local dances, arouses admiration with its impressive natural beauties. The Gambia, which is considered among the most economical holiday countries in the world, is located in the west of the African continent. Gambia, which is also known as the smallest … Read more
  • Ghana
    Located in the west of the African continent, the Republic of Ghana borders the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean). Ghana, which lived as a British colony for many years, is also known for being the first country in Africa to gain its independence. This country, which has been … Read more
  • Tunisia
    The city of Tunisia, the capital of the Republic of Tunisia, has been a part of different empires throughout history as one of the important ports of the Mediterranean coast. It is the cradle of a colorful culture from Phoenicians to Carthaginians, from Romans to Byzantium, from Arabs to Ottomans and France. With its crowded … Read more
  • Burundi
    Africa is a continent waiting to be discovered. It is a wonderful place with its wonderful nature, interesting traditions, beliefs and wild animals. In this article, we will inform you about Burundi, an African country. Burundi, an African country with a population of about 11 million, was known as Urindi until 1962 when it gained … Read more
  • Ivory Coast
    Ivory Coast, which is an African country that you can visit between November and May, when the air temperatures are mild, has been among the frequent destinations of European traders and sailors since the 15th century. This country dazzling with its unique beaches on the Atlantic Ocean; Despite its natural beauties, fertile lands and valuable … Read more

Americas & Latin America

The Americas and Latin America are among the preferred destinations for honeymoon vacations. You will find both American and European cultures together in the region where people from different cultures live together. The most popular country in the Americas is the United States of America. In Latin America, Brazil and Argentina are among the most popular countries. Sea and beach holidays come to the fore for the Spring and Summer periods. However, there are beautiful destinations in this region.