Sumela Monastery

Anatolia is a region where the most important events in history took place. It is possible to find traces of every civilization here. In fact, many of the oldest settlements in human history are located here. In this article, we will give information about the Sumela Monastery, which is an important work for both the world, Byzantine and Christian history.


History of Sumela Monastery


Located in Trabzon, Turkey, the Sumela Monastery dates back to A.D. It dates back to 375-395 years. It is thought that this historical building was built by two priests during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius.

Emperor Justinianus wanted this place to be repaired in the 6th century and the monastery was repaired by General Belisarios. It is known that the Sumela Monastery took its current form in the 13th century. Ruled during the Principality of Trabzon Komnenos, which was established in 1204, III. During the time of Alexixos, the importance of this place increased. Income was even provided here with edicts. The monastery continued to be enriched during the reign of Alexios’ son and other princes.


After a while, the eastern Black Sea coast came under Turkish rule. However, the Ottoman Empire protected the rights of the monastery and gave concessions. In the 18th century, some walls were decorated with frescoes and many parts were renovated. Large buildings were added in the 19th century. After that, a bright and rich period was experienced and it gained its present magnificent appearance. Also in this period, many travelers visited the monastery and mentioned the monastery in their writings. During the Russian Occupation between 1916 and 1918, the monastery was confiscated. But as of 1923, it was completely emptied.

The Structure of the Sumela Monastery


Among the sections of the Sumela Monastery are the library, holy spring, student rooms, guesthouse, kitchen, chapel and bedrock church. The buildings are located on a large area. There is a large aqueduct where the water comes from on the slope. But today, some parts of the arch are in ruins. It is possible to enter the monastery via a narrow and long staircase. There are guard rooms right next to the entrance door. From this location, you can go down to the inner courtyard. The influence of Turkish art can also be seen in the hearths, cells and cabinets of the rooms of the buildings around the courtyard. The outer and inner walls of the rock church and the adjoining chapel are filled with frescoes. Again in the inner courtyard III. There are frescoes from the Alexios period. The frescoes in the Sumela Monastery contain scenes from the Bible.

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