We are going to one of the most striking and different countries on the African continent. Tanzania, located in the middle east part of Africa! Many regions of the country are under the protection of UNESCO.

Known for its abundance of wildlife habitats, Tanzania has many nature parks with ecological value. There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the Serengeti.

While Dar es Salaam was the capital of the country until 1996, Dodomo was chosen as the capital in the period from this date to the present.

Honeymooning in Tanzania is a great idea. You can find wild animals, untouched forests and wonderful beaches in this country. You can enjoy the Zanzibar beaches in the morning and go on a safari in the afternoon.

Honeymoon in Tanzania

What would you like to do on your honeymoon? Swimming, scuba diving, safari or crazy fun in nightclubs? Whatever you are looking for on your honeymoon is waiting for you in Tanzania. In this article, we will give you information about the places to visit in Tanzania. We will answer your questions about which cities to go and what to do. We will also provide information about the best honeymoon hotels in Tanzania.


Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania in eastern Africa, is visited by millions of tourists every year. One of the best destinations for honeymoon especially in Africa.

Stone Town, where Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen, was born, also contributed significantly to the recognition of Zanzibar.

Those who come to Zanzibar also stop by Stone Town first. The areas where spice and slave trade were carried out in the past constitute a cultural value of Tanzania, both artistically and historically.

The 19th century architecture dominates the region, which was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2000. Zanzibar, which has been an important center of spice trade throughout its history, is among the rare places where spices, especially saffron, are produced today. You can visit spice farms and learn how anise, cardamom or cloves are grown.

Zanzibar is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa. You will especially look forward to swimming in the sea. The best beaches of Zanzibar, which promises its visitors a corner of paradise with its white sandy beaches and deep blue ocean waters:

  • Nungwi/Kendwa,
  • Paje/Jambiani
  • Matemwe/Kiwengwa


Serengeti National Park, Tanzania’s largest national park, attracts many tourists who want to see wildlife in its place. This park, where thousands of animal species such as African wildebeest and zebra live, is also on the eye route of more than one million animals.

The Serengeti ecosystem is located within the borders of Tanzania. Serengeti, where wildlife is under protection, is known as the most important safari region in the world.

Serengeti is the best place for a honeymoon safari. This is among the largest nature parks in the world. Surprises await visitors. Experience the excitement of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.

Considered one of the 7 wonders of Africa and one of the 10 wonders of the world, the region means “endless plain” in the Maasai language.

Balloon safari is an ideal activity to see the Serengeti from start to finish.

On the tour, which starts at sunrise and lasts for approximately 1 hour, a delicious English Breakfast is also served.

Moru Kopjes and Seronera are places where you can see the wildest forms of wildlife. In Moru Kopjes, where savannah animals are adapted to life, you can come face to face with leopards perched on a tree branch. Seronera, on the other hand, is located in the middle of the natural park and forms the habitat of the fence and leopards.

Located in the Southern Serengeti, Lake Lagarja and its surroundings are a wildlife paradise. The Northern Serengeti, which is slightly different from the southern region, is a frequent destination for large herds even in dry periods, as it is rich in water resources.

Lobo, where there is a permanent life, is not included in safari tours and is not visited by visitors due to technical inadequacy.


Built on a plateau in the Great Rift Valley, the city is one of Tanzania’s main safari destinations.

Built by the Germans in the early 20th century, Arusha has gained worldwide popularity as it hosts international court agreements.

The first point to visit in Arusha, which is also the capital of the East African Community, is the Natural History Museum.

The museum, which was completed in 1900 and consists of three main sections, exhibits fossils found in Tanzania, photographs of wildlife and artifacts containing evolutionary information.

There are snake and reptile collections in Meserani Snake Park.

Dar es Salaam

Located in the east of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is on its way to become the largest port city in East Africa, as well as being the largest city on the Indian Ocean.

The first place you can visit in the city, which was the capital of Tanzania until 1996, is the Dar es Salaam National Museum. You can get all the detailed information about the history of Tanzania in the museum, which was established in 1934 and opened its doors to visitors in 1940. The museum also exhibits the skeleton of Paranthropus boisei (Nutcracker Man), which is of great evolutionary and anthropological importance and was found as a result of archaeological excavations in Tanzania.

Another important museum in the city is the Dar es Salaam National Village Museum, which was established in 1967. In the building, which functions as an open-air ethnography museum, houses built in accordance with the traditional structure of Tanzania are exhibited. In the museum, where the residences of 16 different local tribes are brought to life, you can see and examine the crafts such as pottery making, weaving and carving that the local people make a living.

Finally, Anzania Front Lutheran Church greets its visitors with its gothic architecture and red roof. The building, which is a church affiliated with the Lutheran branch, was built by German missionaries and is still open for worship.

Other points you can visit in the city are: Kariakoo Market, Kipepeo Beach, Saba Saba (Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair) and Bongoya Island.


Tanzania’s capital, Dodoma, was founded in 1907 by German colonies. Since its history is not very old, there are no important architectural structures in the city. Nevertheless, it is an extremely important city in terms of being the political center of Tanzania.

The Parliament Building is one of the must-see places in Dodoma. Although you need permission to enter inside, you can watch its unique architecture from the outside. However, photography is prohibited.

Gaddafi Mosque, built in 2010, is located in the city where different ethnic groups live together. Gaddafi Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in Africa, can worship 4,500 people at the same time.

The Anglican Church, which attracts the attention of tourists with its interesting architecture, has a dome that we are not normally accustomed to. The church was built with Middle Eastern and Western architecture.

Those who come to Dodoma can also visit the Jamatkhana Mosque, the Lutheran Cathedral and national parks.

Kilimanjaro Nature Park

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, a World Heritage Site and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Tanzania, is a favorite of nature lovers as well as climbers. Especially between October and June, many mountaineers come to the region and do camping and climbing activities.

Mafia Island

Mafia Island, one of the regions where underwater life is richest, is flooded by those who are engaged in diving, especially between May and October. On this island, which is also known as the breeding ground of endangered green turtles, you can discover the unique beauty of the underwater.

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