The most beautiful towns in Europe

We have researched the most popular honeymoon towns in Europe for you. Of course, this list varies from person to person. Because likes are indisputable. Each of us enjoys a different subject. However, we would like to share with you the list we have prepared as a result of our research. We will only include 10 honeymoon destinations on our list. You can also specify your favorite places in the comments.

1.Marmaris / Turkiye

Located in Turkey’s Muğla district, Marmaris is visited by millions of honeymooners every year. You should visit this beautiful town, especially in summer. Great hotels, beaches, friendly Turks, lively nightlife, cultural tours and many more activities await you.

2.Manarola / Italy

Located in the Cinque Terre region of Italy, which is under the protection of UNESCO, Manorala is on the top of our list. You won’t be able to return without swimming in Manorala’s jade waters. This beautiful place is one of the most visited towns in Italy.

3.Garmisch-Partenkirchen / Germany

You should visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is very popular especially for winter tourism. It has the most popular ski and snowboard facilities in Germany. This town, which is assertive with its ski tracks, will continue to be the choice of ski lovers.

4.Portree / Scotland

Do you want a quiet, calm and peaceful honeymoon? The center of the Isle of Skye is Portree, a small but highly colorful town. You should make a good planning before you go to the town, which welcomes many visitors every season, especially in spring. Hotels and restaurants are booked months in advance.

5.Colmar / France

Colmar, the peaceful town of France. It is known as the little Venice of France with its colorful houses dating back to the Middle Ages. It is also known as the wine capital of Alsace. It is very easy to reach the town with its proximity to Basel Airport.

6.Hallstatt / Austria

Looking for a peaceful holiday in Austria? A charming town! This town, which has been protected in the UNESCO World Heritage list, offers a completely different beauty in every season. Do not add Hallstatt to your list of places to see before you die.

7.Bled / Slovenia

You will feel yourself in the land of fairy tales. It offers a magnificent visual feast with its church built on a piece of islet located on an emerald green mountain lake. It has been a popular tourist town in recent years. Don’t forget to visit Bled Castle.

8.Reine / Norway

It is a place that couples who love winter tourism will love. Reine, a fairy-tale fishing town in extraordinary harmony with green and blue nature colors and those red pastel colored fishermen’s houses. You should definitely watch the town from a bird’s eye view.

9.Marsaxlokk / Malta

If you are visiting Malta, the beautiful island country of the Mediterranean, you should see Marsaxlokk. Famous for its big market, Marsaxlokk is a town where those who love seafood can easily find what they want. Marsaxlokk, which makes a living by fishing, is one of the must-see places when you go to Malta.

10.Alberobello / Italy

Standing out with its interesting architecture, Alberobello is in Italy. It is visited by many tourists. There are great restaurants where you can taste classic Italian dishes and drinks. You should definitely see this beautiful town.

Europe is a region rich in natural, cultural and social aspects. Therefore, it is possible to honeymoon in almost all countries. We just shared the result of our research on the most beautiful towns in Europe. You can also make suggestions. Your honeymoon ideas are valuable to us.

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