The city of Tunisia, the capital of the Republic of Tunisia, has been a part of different empires throughout history as one of the important ports of the Mediterranean coast. It is the cradle of a colorful culture from Phoenicians to Carthaginians, from Romans to Byzantium, from Arabs to Ottomans and France. With its crowded streets lined with trees, neighborhoods decorated with cafes, exotic narrow streets, giant mosques and eye-catching palaces, Tunisia, a city with a bit of European and a bit of Arab inspiration, has a unique character with the African culture of the desert culture.

Honeymoon in Tunisia

Are you planning to honeymoon in Tunisia, located in North Africa? You will have visited a country with rich culture, nature and history. There are many activities to do in Tunisia. You’ll be in Africa on your honeymoon, swimming in the sea, sightseeing, eating great food, seeing museums and places of worship. A wonderful honeymoon awaits you. After reading this article, you will prefer Tunisia for your honeymoon.

Best Hotels in Tunisia

If you are visiting Tunisia for business, vacation or honeymoon, we would like you to stay in a good hotel. That’s why we did a research. We have reviewed the best hotels in Tunisia that you can choose. Hotel prices vary according to accommodation dates, facilities and conditions.

Places to visit in Tunisia

There are many places to visit in Tunisia, which is one of the most popular tourism regions of the region with its nature, culture and history. Moreover, you can do many activities in this country. We found it appropriate to start the list of places to visit in Tunisia with beaches. Because deserts always come to mind. However, Tunisia is a country with geographical richness.



Hammamet beaches, one of the most developed and popular tourism regions of Tunisia, attract the attention of tourists from all over the world with their perfect sand cover, cleanliness and comfort. The bright broad line stretches for more than 14 kilometers along Tunisia’s east coast. All beaches in Hammamet are municipally owned and have free admission.

Sousse Beach


Sousse is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia. It stands out with its clean sand cover and clear sea. There are different facilities on the beach. Therefore, you can always find a place near you to eat and drink. A beach where you can enjoy the Mediterranean.



Monastir is another popular beach in Tunisia. It is an area with fine sand and clear sea. Therefore, it is preferred by tourists. There are hotels near the beach. You can stay in these hotels. You can do various activities around the beach.


Now we can move on to get to know Tunisian culture closely. Our first stop is the Medina area. It is a center surrounded by walls, where you can see the best examples of Arab architecture, which is the old settlement and the most beautiful area of the city. It gives you the most amazing sense of what Arab life was like between the 12th and 16th centuries. Zitouna Mosque is the focal point of daily life in Medina, whose main street is Rue Jemaa ez Zitouna.

Habib Bourguiba Street


Habib Bourguiba Street, the most famous street in Tunisia, is located in Ville Nouvelle in the New Town part of the city. Known as Tunisia’s Champs Elysees, the street is home to the Clock Tower, Tunisian National Theatre, Saint-Vincent Square, St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral and Bab El Bahr. You can walk along Habib Bourguiba, the most central and busiest street of Tunisia, and feel the atmosphere of the city, and relax in the cafes and restaurants on the street.

Belvedere Park


Belvedere Park, Tunisia’s most beautiful city park, is located on San Rafael Street. There are many activities for children in the park, which is spread over a very large area, which includes a baseball field, shooting field, football and two basketball fields, as well as a playground. On the other hand, it hosts performances by musicians from all over the world throughout the summer.

Sidi Bou Said


Sidi Bou Said is a place where houses are painted white and blue, as in European cities on the Mediterranean coast. You may think that you are in Turkey, Greece or Italy. This is the most important feature that distinguishes Tunisia from many countries. It is home to many civilizations and cultures.



Once Rome’s greatest rival, Carthage (Carthage) is a city that will forever be in the Phoenician history books. The atmosphere of the ancient city offers invaluable pleasure and is located very close to the capital Tunis.

Carthage, which was founded as a colonial city by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, whose traces can be seen in many parts of Tunisia, is among the most important tourism centers of Tunisia today. Carthage, which means new city in the Phoenician language, is a city that invites you to travel in time, which you should definitely visit in Tunisia to witness the cultural and historical heritage of the Phoenicians.

Sahra Desert


Do you want to visit one of the most famous geographical regions in the world, the Sahara Desert? If you are in Tunisia for a holiday or honeymoon, you can buy a Sahara Tour. You can also request this from the tour company before your holiday. You must visit the Sahara Desert, one of the driest regions in the world.



Sousse Medina, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a city in the north-east of Tunisia that carries the traces of Islamic culture. The city’s old city center is a place of uproar with its handicraft workshops, spice markets, and carpet and rug vendors.

In the shadow of the majestic Ribat and Kasbah, the Medina of Sousse prays for visitors to come to be discovered. This wonderful old town center is a paradise for shopping. Arts such as ceramics, leather and metalwork are evident all over the city. It allows you to blend into the local life in a quiet and calm way, away from the market turmoil.

Amphitheatre of El Jem


The Amphitheater of El Jem is among the most important historical buildings that reflect Tunisia’s rich historical past. El Djem is a very clear and powerful representation of the period when the Roman Empire dominated North Africa. You can walk like gladiators in the corridors under the arena.

The theater is one of the most magnificent structures that have survived from the Roman Period. The building, which was built in the 3rd century, is located in the city of El Cem, which bears the same name, 205 km south of Tunisia. The walls of El Djem’s legendary 35,000-seat Roman amphitheater surround the modern city. An extraordinarily preserved Roman heirloom is one of the few amphitheaters in the world that still stands intact.



The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best preserved ruins in North Africa. Although all of the ruins here belong to the Roman period, the history of Dougga dates back to the 6th century. It is considered one of Tunisia’s most impressive tourist areas with its magnificent location on the hill and its imposing huge buildings and temples.

Tunis Air and Turkish Airlines have direct flights to Tunisia from Istanbul Airport every day. The flight time of flights to Carthage Airport in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is 3 hours. In addition to direct flights, there is also the option of traveling to Tunisia with connecting flights from Turkey to Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

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